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Imperial city of Donauwörth
Donauwörth on the river Danube became the imperial city "Schwäbisch Wörth" (lat. "Suevica Werda") in 1348. Quarrels between the protestant majority and the catholic minority resulted in an imperial ban in 1607. The city lost its independence and was incorporated into Bavaria.
Donauwörth issued gulden, thalers, half and quarter thalers between 1543 and 1548. All these coins carry the effigy of the emperor on the reverse.

Thaler, 1548.   Ø 41 mm, 28,81 g.  Gebhart 118; Schulten 756; Davenport 9170.
Obv.:   ·MOneta:NOva:ARGEntea:CIVItatis:SVEuica:WERDa:48·
"New silver money from the city of Donauwörth 1548"
coat of arms (crowned double eagle with shines and 'W' on the breast).

Rev.:   CAROLVS:V:ROMAnorum:IMPerator:SEMPer:AVGustus (mm.)
"Charles V Roman emperor ever august"
crowned emperor in armor with sceptre, sword grip and order of the Golden Fleece.

picture from ebay, USA
touch the picture for the reverse of both pieces
Set of two uniface Thaler klippes, 1548.   .   next to Gebhart 119 and Davenport 9170
Gebhart wrote 1924 in his catalogue: "A 3 thaler from 1548 is a restrike from dies in possession of Gebert. A double thaler klippe (Auction C.F. Gebert XII, Nuremberg 1900, No.484) also is a restrike." The uniface klippes presented at ebay also seem to be modern restikes (compare variant Gebhart 119) although Davenport suggests: "A klippe and 3 talers 1548 are modern forgeries".

1/2 Thaler, 1548.   Ø 35 mm, 13,3 g.   Gebhart 123; Schulten 757.
These Thalers and Half-Thalers were minted in 1543-46 and for the last time in 1548.
The Quarter-Thaler are dated 1643-44 and are seldom today.

1/4 Thaler, 1543.   Ø 31? mm, ca.7 g.   Gebhart 67; Schulten 758.
The quarter-, half- and whole thalers can be distinguished only on the basis of size and weight.

Goldgulden n. d. (1543)   Ø 22 mm, 3,22 g.   Gebhart 46; Friedb.853 (this piece)

Goldgulden n. d. (1543)   Ø 22,5 mm, 3,25 g.   as before, but a Cabinet piece
in the Coin Cabinet, KHM exhibition, Vienna and also in the Online Catalogue of the Coin Cabinet.


Ref. :   Gebhart, H., Die Münzen und Medaillen der Stadt Donauwörth, 1924.

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