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Imperial city of Kaufbeuren
Kaufbeuren, located in the southwest of Bavaria, belonged to the lords of Beuren until 1167. It became an imperial city in 1268 and finally fell to Bavaria in 1803.
Charles V granted the right of coinage to Kaufbeuren in 1530. The city minted in the years 1540-1555 and in 1622. Thalers minted between 1540 and 1549 carry the effigy of the emperor in different variations.

Elisabeth Nau distinguish 6 shape types among the arms at the obverse.
Only the 2nd type is missing here.

Thaler 1541, Kaufbeuren.   Ø 40 mm.   Nau 12, Dav.9345.
Obv.:   (mm. aple = mintmaster Hans Apfelfelder) MONeta:NOca:CIVITATIS:KAVFBEIRENSIS:
city coat of arms (1st shape type) between date 15 - 41.
Rev.:   ✥ KAROLVS·V·ROMAnorum:IMPerator:SEMper:AVGVStus
armored effigy to the right, with crown, scepter, Fleece Order and hilt.

Thaler 1542, Kaufbeuren.   Ø 40 mm.   Nau 20, Dav.9347.
broad double edged city shield (3rd shape type, used only in 1542), on top: 15 - 42.
thin effigy with rippled armor to the right, with crown, scepter, Fleece Order and hilt.

Thaler 1543, Kaufbeuren.   Ø 40 mm.   Nau 29var, Dav.9349.
coat of arms (shape type 4, used only in 1543) between date 15 - 43
crowned effigy in armor, with crown, scepter, hilt and cord with Fleece Order.

Thaler 1548, Kaufbeuren.     Ø 41 mm, 28,6 g.   Bernhart 129; Nau 92; Dav.9351.
Obv.:   (mm. apple) MOneta·NOva·CIVITATIS·KAVFBVRENSIS
city arms in a slim Renaissance-form (5th shape type, the most common) between date 15 - 48
Rev.:  (mm. floral finial = die-sinker Balthasar Hundertpfund) CAROLVS·V·ROMAnorum·IMPerator·SEMPer·AVGVstus
crowned emperor in armor with sceptre, sword grip and a cord with the Golden Fleece.

Thaler 1547, Kaufbeuren.   of type Isny.   Ø 40 mm, 28,78g.   Nau 78; Dav.9354.
Obv.:   round shield (6th shape type) surrounded by legend in two circles:
outer legend :  "In the shadow of Thy wings I take refuge"
Rev.:  crowned emperor in armor with sceptre and sword hilt, surrounded by legend in two circles:
outer legend :  "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's"

This thaler is designed after a model from Isny, see the next page of the TOUR.

1/2 Thaler 1544, Kaufbeuren.   Ø 34 mm, 14,3 g.     Nau 52.
Obv.:  (mm. apple) MONETA:NOVA:CIVITATIS:KAVFBVRN   -  Arms (shape 5) between 15 - 44
Rev.:   (mm. floral finial) CAROLVS:V:ROMA:IMP:SEMP:AVG:   -   emperors effigy.

1/4 Thaler 1547, Kaufbeuren.   Ø 29 mm, ca.7 g.     Nau 91var.
Obv.:  (mm. apple) MO·NO·CIVITATIS·KAVFBVREN  -  Arms (shape 5) between date 15 - 47
Rev.:   (mm. star) CAROLVS:V:ROMA:IMP:SEMP:AVG   -   emperors effigy.

Ref. :
• Elisabeth Nau,  Die Münzen und Medaillen der oberschwäbischen Städte,   Freiburg 1964.
• M. Bernhart, Die Münzen und Medaillen der Stadt Kaufbeuren nebst einer münzgeschichtlicher Einleitung,
    Halle 1923.

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