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American Numismatic Society  Museum Notes  (ANSMN)
Publisher: American Numismatic Society
1 (1945) - 33 (1988)
Continued as American Journal of Numismatics (2nd series), since 1989

Table of contents in the order of publication :   1 (1945) - 33 (1988)

Alternative :   Table of contents by authors in alphabetical order

ANSMN 1 (1945)

Ives, Herbert E.: Introducing "Museum Notes" ·» 1-4


Noe, Sydney P.: Greek coins acquired during 1945 ·» 5-15, pl.1-5

Brett, Agnes B.: Seleucid coins of Ake-Ptolemais in Phoenicia, Seleucus IV to Tryphon ·» 17-35, pl.6-11

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The bronze coins of Timarchus, 162-0 B.C. ·» 37-44, pl.12-13

Boyce, Aline A.: A medaillon of Caracalla ·» 45-57, pl.14-15

West, Louis C.: Determination of Roman gold coin standards by use of the carat ·» 59-63

Mosser, Sawyer McA.: Four Roman medaillons and a bronze of Apameia in Phrygia ·» 65-72, pl.16-17

Medieval and Modern:

Ives, Herbert E.: Additions to the list of imitations of the English noble ·» 73-76

Dresser, John L.: European rarities: Salzburg and the Palatinate ·» 77-80, pl.22

Nesmith, Robert I.: A hoard of Lima and Potosí "cobs" 1654-1689 ·» 81-99, pl.18-21

Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous accessions illustrated on Plates XXII and XXIII ·» 100, pl.22-23


Aga-Oglu, Mehmet: An observation on the alloy of the Ghitrifi coins ·» 101-104


Clark, William L.: The Ballantine bequest of decorations ·» 105-106

ANSMN 2 (1947)


Brett, Agnes Baldwin: Dated Coins of Ptolemy V, 204-180 B.C. ·» 1-11, pl.1-2

Newell, Adra M.: A note on western Seleucid mints No. 1310: Antiochus II at Tarsus ·» 13, pl.3

Boyce, Aline A.: Roman and Byzantine acquisitions 1946 ·» 15-20, pl.4-6

Boyce, Aline A.: A new sestertius of Domitian ·» 21-33, pl.7

Boyce, Aline A.: A hoard of sestertii from Cape Matafu ·» 35-51

Medieval and Modern:

Ives, Herbert E.: Counterstamps on English and Continental nobles ·» 53-61, pl.8-10

Noe, Sydney P.: The W. B. Osgood field gift ·» 63-64, pl.11-12

Erlanger, Herbert J.: The coinage of the free city of Nuremberg from 1782 to 1807 ·» 65-79, pl.13-15

Grunthal, Henry: Coins of Solms ·» 81-83, pl.16-17

Dresser, John L.: Coin weights from the Eklund collection ·» 85-86, pl.17

Zabala, Romulo / Burzio, Humberto F. / Pardo, Roman F.: Monedas de la Provincia de Mendoza acuñadas en 1823 y 1824 ·» 87-103, pl.18-19

Zabala, Romulo / Burzio, Humberto F. / Pardo, Roman F.: Coinage of the province of Mendoza minted in 1823 and 1824 (English translation) ·» 105-118, pl.18-19

ANSMN 3 (1948)


Noe, Sydney P.: Greek coins acquired by the American Numismatic Society in 1947 ·» 1-14, pl.1-3

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The "incuse" coinages of south Italy ·» 15-26, pl.4

Bellinger, Alfred R.: A Seleucid mint at Elaeusa Sebaste ·» 27-30, pl.5

Brett, Agnes B.: Indo-Bactrian coins aquired by the American Numismatic Society in 1947 ·» 31-43, pl.6

Boyce, Aline A.: Roman and Byzantine coins acquired by the ANS in 1947 ·» 45-56, pl.7-11

Medieval and Modern:

Erlanger, Herbert J.: The Wormser gift of coins to east Frisia ·» 57-63, pl.12-13

Grunthal, Henry: An unpublished Pallas three ducat piece of Weimar ·» 65, pl.13

Erlanger, Herbert J.: The counterstamp of the Franconian Circle of 1693 ·» 67-86, pl.14-15

Nesmith, Robert I.: Two silver cuartillos [1/4 reales] of the first coinage of America [MEX] ·» 87-90, pl.16

Nesmith, Robert I.: The 1732 eight reales piece or "Pillar Dollar" of the Mexico City mint ·» 91-92, pl.16


Miles, George C.: Some early Arab dinars ·» 93-114, pl.17-21

Miles, George C.: A collection of Letters written to Stanley Lane-Poole ·» 115-123

Clark, William L.: Coins of Axum ·» 125-129, pl.22

Wang, Yü-Ch'üan: The distribution of coin types in ancient China ·» 131-151, pl.23-25


Noe, Sydney P.: The Zerbe Collection of Lesher Referendum Pieces ·» 153-154, pl.26

ANSMN 4 (1950)


Sutherland, C.H.V.: What is meant by "style" in coinage? ·» 1-12

Robinson, David M.: The Alexander hoard of Megalopolis ·» 13-28, pl.1-6

Noe, Sydney P.: Beginnings of the cistophoric coinage ·» 29-41, pl.7

Brett, Agnes B.: The mint of Ascalon under the Seleucids ·» 43-54, pl.8-9

Brett, Agnes B.: Athena AΛKIΔHMOΣ of Pella ·» 55-72, pl.10-12

Boyce, Aline A.: A new Heracles type from the mint of Perinthus ·» 73-77

Thompson, Margaret: Some Greek coins in the American Numismatic Society Collection ·» 79-89, pl.13

Medieval and Modern:

Dickie, Douglas P. / Parrott, R.D.: Merovingian coins in the collection of the ANS ·» 91-96, pl.14-15

Grunthal, Henry: The Orlowski collection of Polish coins and medals ·» 97-98, pl.16-17

Nesmith, Robert I.: Castles and lions on Spanish colonial coins - a study of details of design as an aid to identification ·» 99-104


Frye, Richard N.: Additional notes on the eary coinage of Transoxania ·» 105-114

Miles, George C.: Abarqubādh, a new Umayyad mint ·» 115-120

Clark, William L.: The silver coinage of Mahmūd II struck in Constantinople ·» 121-126, pl.18-21

Goodrich, L.C.: A bronze block for the printing of Chinese paper currency (ca. 1287) ·» 127-130, pl.22-24

ANSMN 5 (1952)


Brett, Agnes B.: The Benha hoard of Ptolemaic gold coins ·» 1-8, pl.1-4

Noe, Sydney P.: A group of die-sequences at Poseidonia ca. 430-410 B.C. ·» 9-19, pl.5-6

Noe, Sydney P.: Coinage at Alexandria Troas under Antiochus Hierax ·» 21-23, pl.7

Thompson, Margaret: The beginning of the Athenian new style coinage ·» 25-33, pl.8-10

Thompson, Margaret: Workshops or mines? ·» 35-48, pl.11

Schwabacher, Willy: Cabiri on archaic coins of Samothrace ·» 49-51, pl.12

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Notes on some coins from Antioch in Syria ·» 53-63, pl.12-14

Kraemer, Casper J. / Miles, Theodore G.: An early fourth century hoard from Egypt ·» 65-88

Boyce, Aline A.: A solidus of Artavasdus ·» 89-102, pl.15

Medieval and Modern:

Ives, Herbert E.: The design of Florentine florins as an aid to their dating ·» 103-112, pl.16-20

Simpson, A. Carson: The mint officials of the Florentine florin ·» 113-155

Erlanger, Herbert J.: Some additional coins of east Frisia in the collection of the ANS ·» 157-161, pl.21-22

Grunthal, Henry / Dresser, John L.: European acquisitions of the American Numismatic Society ·» 163-166, pl.23


Grabar, Oleg: On two coins of Muzaffar Ghāzi, ruler of Maiyāfārīquīn (A.H.617-642 / A.D.1220-1244) ·» 167-178, pl.24

Miles, George C.: A three-Wuqīyah glass weight ·» 179-180, pl.24

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: A rare Armenian coin ·» 181-184, pl.24

Zygman, Edmund: A Boustrophedon coin of Abdagases ·» 185-189, pl.24


Kenney, Richard D.: The Chief White Hair Medal ·» 191-192, pl.25

ANSMN 6 (1954)


West, Louis C.: Ancient money and modern commentators ·» 1-9

Thompson, Margaret: A countermarked hoard from Büyükçekmece ·» 11-34, pl.1-7

Allin, E.J. / Wallace, W.P.: Impurities in Euboian monetary silver ·» 35-67, pl.8-11

Emmons, Brooks: The overstruck coinage of Ptolemy I ·» 69-84, pl.12-13

Noe, Sydney P.: Countermarked and overstruck Greek coins at the American Numismatic Society ·» 85-93, pl.14

Buttrey, Theodore V.: Thea Neotera on coins of Antony and Cleopatra ·» 95-109, pl.15

Adelson, Howard L.: The bronze alloys of the coinage of the later Roman Empire ·» 111-129

Boyce, Aline A.: Eudoxia, Eudocia, Eudoxia: dated solidi of the fifth century ·» 131-142, pl.15

Medieval and Modern:

Herlihy, David: Pisan coinage and the monetary developement of Tuscany, 1150-1250 ·» 143-168, pl.16-17

Grierson, Philip: A rare crusader bezant with the Christus Vincit legend ·» 169-178, pl.18

Grunthal, Henry: Three eccesiastical silver coins of Cologne ·» 179-180, pl.18

Grunthal, Henry: An unrecorded ducat of Riga ·» 181-182, pl.19


Lang, David M.: Supplementary notes on Kiurike II, king of Lori in Armenia and his coins ·» 183-191, pl.19

Bedoukian, Paul: Coinage of Constantine III and IV, kings of lesser Armenia ·» 193-199, pl.20


Grunthal, Henry: A contemporary gold medal of Martin Luther ·» 201-203, pl.21

Erlanger, Herbert J.: The medals of the free city of Nuremberg from 1782 to 1806 ·» 205-214, pl.22-26


Scott, Kenneth: Two counterfeit Connecticut bills of credit ·» 215-217, pl.27-29

ANSMN 7 (1957)


Thompson, Margaret: A hoard of Athenian fractions ·» 1-11, pl.1-4

Noe, Sydney P.: Overstrikes in Magna Graecia ·» 13-42, pl.5-14

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The earliest coins of Ilium ·» 43-49, pl.15

Zygman, Edmund: A tetradrachm of Azes II struck at Sangala-Euthydemia ·» 51-56, pl.15

Buttrey, Theodore V.: On the retariffing of the Roman denarius ·» 57-65

Sutherland, C.H.V.: Diocletian as "Aeternus Augustus" ·» 67-70, pl.15

Boyce, Aline A.: Coins of the Roman world: selected accessions, 1953 and other noteworthy pieces ·» 71-90, pl.16-19

Lang, Mabel: A Roman bronze weight from Egypt ·» 91-93, pl.19

West, Louis C.: The relation of subsidiary coinage to gold under Valerian and Gallienus ·» 95-123

Adelson, Howard L.: A note on the miliarense from Constantine to Heraclius ·» 125-135

Medieval and Modern:

Grunthal, Henry: A hoard of Rhenish Schüsselpfennige ·» 137-141, pl.20

Erlanger, Herbert J.: Some German counterstamps of the late seventeenth century and the standard of the Leipzig Convention ·» 143-184, pl.21

Nesmith, Robert I.: The coins of Luis I of Spain ·» 185-186, pl.22


Miles, George C.: Some Arab-Sasanian and related coins ·» 187-209, pl.23-29

Caley, Earle R.: Chemical composition of some early dirhems ·» 211-217

Bedoukian, Paul: The bilingual coins of Hetoum I (1226-1270), king of Cilician Armenia ·» 219-230, pl.30

Frye, Richard N. / Henning, Walter B.: Additional notes on the early coinage of Transoxania II ·» 231-238

Lang, David M.: War medals and paper-money of Georgia in Transcaucasia (1915-24) ·» 239-249, pl.31-42


Miles, George C.: A note on Egyptian gold and silver assay marks ·» 251-253

Grunthal, Henry: Picininus medal by Pisanello ·» 255-256, pl.43


Grunthal, H.: Two unrecorded Bryan tokens ·» 257, pl.44-45

ANSMN 8 (1958)


Healy, John F.: A new light on the unique stater of Mytilene ·» 1-9, pl.1

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The first civic tetradrachms of Ilium ·» 11-24, pl.2-5

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The late bronze of Alexandria Troas ·» 25-53, pl.6-11

Noe, Sydney P.: A tetrobol of Histiaea ·» 55-56, pl.12

Jenkins, G.K.: Notes on the Iberian denarii from the Cordova hoard ·» 57-70, pl.13-18

Jenkins, G.K.: Carthago Nova or Ilici? ·» 71-74, pl.19

Sutherland, C.H.V.: A countermarked Augustan cistophorus in New York ·» 75-78, pl.19

Terrace, Edwald L.B.: A new medallion of Lucius Verus ·» 79, pl.19

Boyce, Aline A.: Caracalla as "Severus" ·» 81-98, pl.20-23

Galavaris, George P.: The symbolism of the imperial costume as displayed on Byzantine coins ·» 99-117, pl.24-29

Medieval and Modern:

Fallon, Hugh C.: Imperial symbolism on two Carolingian coins ·» 119-131, pl.30-32

Grunthal, Henry: Mediaeval and Modern coins acquired by the American Numismatic Society: 1954-1958 ·» 133-138, pl.32-37

Erlanger, Herbert J.: The last gold coins of the free city of Nuremberg ·» 139-143, pl.38


Bedoukian, Paul: Two hoards of Hetoum-Zabel trams ·» 145-180, pl.39


Grunthal, Henry: A German medal of Henry VIII of England ·» 181-183, pl.40

Grunthal, Henry: Richard Wagner in the medaillic art: a supplement ·» 185-187

Adelson, Howard L. / Snyder, Louis L.: Nationalistic myths in the Weimar Republic: an iconographic study ·» 189-216, pl.41-43


Scott, Kenneth: James Franklin on counterfeiting ·» 217-220

ANSMN 9 (1960)


Robinson, E.S.G.: Some problems in the later fifth century coinage of Athens ·» 1-15, pl.1-2

Jenkins, G.K.: An early Ptolemaic hoard from Phacous ·» 17-37, pl.3-5

Merker, Irwin L.: The silver coinage of Antigonos Gonatas and Antigonos Doson ·» 39-52

Sjöqvist, Erik: Numismatic notes from Morgantina: I. The ΣIKEΛIΩTAN coinage ·» 53-63, pl.6

Holloway, R. Ross: Numismatic notes from Morgantina: II. Half coins of Hieron II in the monetary system of Roman Sicily ·» 65-73

Buttrey, Theodore V.: The denarii of Cn. Pompeius jr. and M. Minatius Sabinus ·» 75-94, pl.7

Buttrey, Theodore V.: The denarius of P. Ventidius ·» 95-108, pl.8

Kraay, Colin M.: Two new sestertii of Domitian ·» 109-116

King, Cathy: The Constantinian mints 306-313: London, Trier, Lyons ·» 117-138

Adelson, Howard L. / Kustas, George L.: A bronze hoard of the period of Leo I ·» 139-188, pl.9

Medieval and Modern:

Miles, George C.: Byzantine miliaresion and Arab dirhem: some notes on their relationship ·» 189-218, pl.10-13


Miles, George C.: A hoard of Arab dirhems from Algarve, Portugal ·» 219-230, pl.14

Miles, George C.: Notes on Kākwayhid coins ·» 231-236, pl.15

Balog, Paul: Dinars of Al Mu'azzam Shams al-Dīn Tūrānshīh and Al'azīz Tughetegīn, Ayyūbid princes of the Yemen ·» 237-240, pl.16

Kukuranov, L.N.: Fully dates coins of Murād Bakhsh, pretender to the throne of Hindustan (December 1657 - June 1658) ·» 241-243, pl.16

ANSMN 10 (1962)


Holloway, R. Ross: The crown of Naxos ·» 1-8, pl.1

Noe, Sydney P.: The Corinth hoard of 1938 ·» 9-41, pl.2-12

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The Boston College hoard ·» 43-50, pl.13

Bellinger, Alfred R.: The coins from the treasure of the Oxus ·» 51-67

Kiang, Dawson: An unpublished coin portrait of Ptolemy VI Philometor ·» 69-76, pl.14

Vermeule, Cornelius C.: A Ptolemaic contribution box in Boston ·» 77-80, pl.15-16

Metcalf, D.M.: The new bronze coinage of Theophilus and the growth of the Balkan themes ·» 81-98, pl.17-22

Medieval and Modern:

Yvon, Jacques: Monnaies françaises rares ou inédites de l'American Numismatic Society ·» 99-106, pl.23-24

Grierson, Philip: Kiurikē I or Kiurikē II of Lori-Armenia? A note on attributions ·» 107-112

Bedoukian, Paul: Armenian gold coins of the Roupenian dynasty ·» 113-120, pl.25


Luther, Kenneth A.: Notes on 'Alā' al-Din Muhammad's coinage of Transoxania ·» 121-136, pl.26-27


Newman, Eric P.: Additions to coinage for colonial Virginia ·» 137-143, pl.28-29


Erlanger, Herbert J.: The medallic portrait of Albrecht Dürer ·» 145-172, pl.30-35

ANSMN 11 (1964)


Holloway, R. Ross: Damarete's lion ·» 1-11, pl.1-2

Merker, Irwin L.: Notes on Abdalonymos and the dated Alexander coinage of Sidon and Ake ·» 13-20

Dodson, O.H. / Wallace, W.P.: The Kozani hoard of 1955 ·» 21-28, pl.3-6

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Philippi in Macedonia ·» 29-52, pl.6-11

Mørkholm, Otto: Seleucid coins from Cilicia ca. 220-150 B.C. ·» 53-62, pl.12-13

Mørkholm, Otto: The accession of Antiochos IV of Syria: a numismatic comment ·» 63-76, pl.14-16

Thompson, Margaret: A hoard from Thessaly ·» 77-80, pl.17-18

Kroll, John: The late Hellenistic tetrobols of Kos ·» 81-117, pl.18-24

Thompson, Margaret: Ptolemy Philometor and Athens ·» 119-129 , pl.25-27

Lenaghan, Lydia H.: Hercules-Melquart on a coin of Faustus Sulla ·» 131-149, pl.28

Sutherland, C.H.V.: An unpublished coin in the name of Tetricus II ·» 151-158, pl.29

Adelson, Howard L. / Kustas, George L.: A sixth century hoard of minimi from the western Peloponnese ·» 159-205, pl.30

Medieval and Modern:

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Three more hoards of Byzantine copper coins ·» 207-226, pl.31-39

Fagerlie, Joan M.: A miliaresion of Romanus III and a nomisma of Michael IV ·» 227-236, pl.40-41

Cutler, Anthony: The Stavraton: evidence for an elusive Byzantine type ·» 237-244, pl.41-42

Erlanger, Herbert J.: A hoard of leeuwendaalders from Aintab ·» 245-260, pl.43-44

van Gelder, H. Enno: A provisional list of Dutch lion-dollars ·» 261-281


Miles, George C.: A portrait of the Buyid prince Rukn al-Dawlah ·» 283-293, pl.45-47

Balog, Paul / Yvon, Jacques: Deux trésors de monnaies d'or de Croisés ·» 295-302, pl.48

Bedoukian, Paul: Gold forgeries of Tigranes the Great of Armenia ·» 303-306, pl.49

Miles, George C.: A Mamluk hoard of Hamāh ·» 307-309, pl.49

Bowker, H.F.: The William Ewart Gladstone Medalet ·» 311-312, pl.50

Burger, Werner: Manchu inscriptions on Chinese cash coins ·» 313-318, pl.50-55, table


Newman, Eric P.: The James II 1/24th Real for the American plantations ·» 319-332, pl.56


Bedoukian, Paul: Aluminium foil impressions for numismatic studies ·» 333-335, pl.57-59

ANSMN 12 (1966)


Thompson, Margaret: Some noteworthy Greek accessions ·» 1-18, pl.1-2

Cox, Dorothy H.: Gordion hoards III, IV, V and VII ·» 19-55, pl.3-21

Thompson, Margaret: A hoard from northern Greece ·» 57-63, pl.22-26

Stein, J. Peter: Trinummus ·» 65-69

Caramessini-Oeconomides, Mando: On a hoard of plated Roman coins ·» 71-74

Caramessini-Oeconomides, Mando: An unpublished consular solidus of Justinian I ·» 75-77, pl.27

Fagerlie, Joan M.: 'Roma Invicta' - a new follis of Justinian I ·» 79-81, pl.27

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Byzantine notes ·» 83-124, pl.28-36

Medieval and Modern:

Thompson, Margaret: The monogram of Charlemagne in Greek ·» 125-127

Miles, George C.: The Ferreira collection of Visigothic coins ·» 129-137, pl.37-40

Bedoukian, Paul: Coins of the baronial period of Cilician Armenia (1080-1198) ·» 139-145, pl.41

Grunthal, Henry: Selected items from the Donald J. Rogasner collection of early dated European coins ·» 147-156, pl.42-48


Herbert, Raymond J.: Notes on an Umayyad hoard from Khurāsān ·» 157-163, pl.48

Miles, George C.: A hoard of Kākwayhid dirhems ·» 165-193, pl.49-52

Hazard, Harry W.: Late medieval north Africa: additions and supplementary notes ·» 195-221, pl.53-55

Lang, David M.: Coins of Georgia in Transcaucasia aquired by the ANS 1953-1965 ·» 223-232, pl.56-59

ANSMN 13 (1967)


Zervos, Orestes H.: The early tetradrachms of Ptolemy I ·» 1-16, pl.1-4

Hunter, Virginia Joyce: A third century hoard from Serbia and its significance for Celtic history ·» 17-40, pl.5-12

Jenkins, G.K.: A Hellenistic hoard from Mesopotamia ·» 41-56, pl.13-19

Dengate, James A.: The triobols of Megalopolis ·» 57-110, pl.20-28

Roman and Byzantine:

Frier, Bruce W.: Augural symbolism in Sulla's invasion of 83 ·» 111-118

Fagerlie, Joan M.: The first gold issue of Anastasius ·» 119-121, pl.29

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Byzantine notes ·» 123-166, pl.30-35

Grierson, Philip: The gold and silver coinage of Basil II ·» 167-187, pl.36-40


Miles, George C.: Some hoards of Crusader bezants ·» 189-203, pl.41-44


Miles, George C.: The earliest Arab gold coinage ·» 205-229, pl.45-47


Buttrey, Theodore V.: Central America under the Mexican Empire, 1822-1923 ·» 231-250, pl.48-49

ANSMN 14 (1968)


Lang, Mabel: Five Hellenstic lead weights ·» 1-3, pl.1-2

MacKay, Pierre A.: Bronze coinage in Macedonia 168-166 B.C. ·» 5-13, pl.3

MacKay, Pierre A.: Macedonian tetradrachms of 148-147 B.C. ·» 15-40, pl.4-8

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: A classification of the coins of the Artaxiad dynasty of Armenia ·» 41-66, pl.9-11


Bates, George E.: A Byzantine hoard from Coelesyria ·» 67-109, pl.12-18

Bates, George E.: Three Byzantine notes ·» 111-120, pl.19

Metcalf, D.M.: The reformed folles of Theophilus: their styles and localization ·» 121-153, pl.20-22


Miles, George C.: Two unpublished Arab-Sasanian dirhems of 'Abdullāh b. Umayyah ·» 155-157, pl.23

Lowick, N.M.: A Samanid/Kākwayhid "mule" ·» 159-162, pl.23

Bacharach, Jere L.: A few unpublished Mamluk dirhems ·» 163-169, pl.24

ANSMN 15 (1969)


Troxell, Hyla A. / Spengler, William F.: A hoard of early Greek coins from Afghanistan ·» 1-19, pl.1-2

Waggoner, Nancy M.: The early Alexander coinage at Seleuceia on the Tigris ·» 21-30, pl.3-5

Warren, Jennifer: The earliest triobols of Megalopolis ·» 31-40, pl.6

Roman and Byzantine:

Mitchell, Richard E.: The fourth century origin of Roman didrachms ·» 41-71, pl.6

Jones, J.R.: Vettienus Monetalis ·» 73-76

Fagerlie, Joan M.: Roman and Byzantine medaillons in the collection of the ANS ·» 77-91, pl.7-18

Dwyer, Eugene: An Alexander/Macedonia contorniate ·» 93-96, pl.19

Johnson, Arthur F.: A new anonymous bronze of Constantine X ·» 97-99, pl.19


Metcalf, D.M.: A hoard of "porcupine" sceattas ·» 101-118, pl.20-21


Bulliet, Richard W.: A Mu'tazilite coin of Mahmūd of Ghazna ·» 119-129, pl.22

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: The copper coins of the later kings of Cilician Armenia ·» 131-135, pl.22

Kukuranov, L.N.: The "Urdū" issues of emperor Akbar ·» 137-140, pl.23

ANSMN 16 (1970)


Williams, Roderick T.: The archaic coinage of Arcadian Heraea ·» 1-12, pl.1

Eddy, Samuel K.: The value of the Cyzicene stater at Athens in the fifth century ·» 13-22

Kraay, Colin M.: A note on the Carosino and Ionian shore hoards ·» 23-30

Mørkholm, Otto: The Seleucid mint at Antiochia on the Persian Gulf ·» 31-44, pl.2-5

Pollak, Phyllis: A Bithynian hoard of the first century B.C. ·» 45-56, pl.6-15

Roman and Byzantine:

Buttrey, Theodore V.: Observations on the behavior of Tiberian counterstamps ·» 57-68

Bates, George E.: Five Byzantine notes ·» 69-85, pl.16-21


Bedoukian, Paul Z.: Three notes on Armenian coins ·» 87-94, pl.22-23

Metcalf, D.M.: The Magaracik hoard of "Helmet" coins of Bohemund III of Antioch ·» 95-109, pl.24-27


Lowick, N.M.: Bālis: a new Tūlūnid mint ·» 111-112, pl.28

Balog, Paul: The coinage of the Mamluk Sultans: additions and corrections ·» 113-171, pl.28-36

Balog, Paul: Three hoards of Mamluk coins ·» 173-178

Mitchell, Helen W.: Notes on somee Mamluk dirhems ·» 179-184, pl.37

Panish, Charles K.: The coinage of Ladakh ·» 185-188, pl.38

ANSMN 17 (1971)


Holloway, R. Ross: An archaic hoard from Crete and the early Aeginetan coinage ·» 1-21, pl.1-8

Betancourt, Philip P.: A hoard of bronze coins from Erythrae ·» 23-39

Troxell, Hyla A.: The Peloponnesian Alexanders ·» 41-94, pl.9-20

Kleiner, Fred S.: The Alexander tetradrachms of Pergamum and Rhodos ·» 95-125, pl.21-34

Jones, J.R.: Some numismatic problems in the Delian inscriptions ·» 127-136

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: Coinage of the later Artaxiads ·» 137-139, pl.35

Roman and Byzantine:

Bates, George E.: Constans II. or Heraclonas? An analysis of the Constantinopolitan folles of Constans II ·» 141-161, pl.36-37

Miles, George C.: Coins from the excavations at Ag. Petros, Herakleion, Crete ·» 163-172, pl.38


Metcalf, D.M.: The Pylia hoard: deniers tournois of Frankish Greece ·» 173-227, pl.39-42


Miles, George C.: Additions to Zambaur's Münzprägungen des Islams ·» 229-233

Shamma, Samir: A Hoard of forth century dinars from Yemen ·» 235-239, pl.43

Album, Stephen: An Umayyad hoard from Afghanistan ·» 241-246, pl.44-46

Panish, Charles K.: Early coinage of Bhutan ·» 247-254, pl.47-48


Buttrey, Theodore V.: The Hermosillo peso of 1839 [MEX] ·» 255-261, pl.49

ANSMN 18 (1972)


Moon, Warren G.: A note on a Zachynthian obol ·» 1-3

Sheridan, Walter W.: A hoard of Rhodian-type drachms ·» 5-15, pl.1-10

Kleiner, Fred S.: The dated cistophori of Ephesos ·» 17-32, pl.11-15


Buttrey, Theodore V.: A hoard of sestertii from Bordeaux and the problem of bronze circulation in the third century A.D. ·» 33-58

Mac Isaac, John D.: The weight of the late 4th and early 5th century nummus (Æ 4) ·» 59-66

Medieval and Modern:

Szczesniak, Boleslaw B.: The Cyrillic deniers of Boleslav I of Poland ·» 67-71

Pesant, Robert: The ANS hoard of Antioch deniers ·» 73-85, pl.16-17

Metcalf, D.M.: A hoard of billon of Fernando IV of Castile and Leon ·» 87-107, pl.20-22

Grunthal, Henry: A Trinity medal by Hans Reinhart ·» 109-111, pl.18-19


Awad, Henri A.: Seventh century Arab imitations of Alexandrian dodecanummia ·» 113-117, pl.23

Miles, George C.: Coinage of the Ziyārid dynasty of Tabaristān and Gurgān ·» 119-137, pl.24-26

Miles, George C.: Another Kākwayhid note ·» 139-148, pl.27

Bates, Michael L.: Notes on Some Ismā'īlī coins from Yemen ·» 149-162

Lachman, Samuel: A hoard of silver coins of Barsbāy ·» 163-166, pl.28

Sass, Benjamin: The silver and billon coins minted at Constantinople under sultan Mahmūd II (1223-1255 H) ·» 167-175, pl.29-32

ANSMN 19 (1974)


Melville-Jones, John: Further notes on the Delian inscriptions ·» 1

Kleiner, Fred S.: The Giresun hoard ·» 3-25, pl.1-9

Drew-Bear, Thomas: Representations of temples on the Greek imperial coinage ·» 27-63, pl.10-14

Roman and Byzantine:

Nicols, John: The chronology and significance of the M. Agrippa asses ·» 65-86, pl.15-17

Gregory, Timothy E.: The gold coinage of the emperor Constantine VII ·» 87-118, pl.19-20


Gropp, Gerd: Some Sasanian clay bullae and seal stones ·» 119-144, pl.21-22

Brunner, Christopher J.: The chronology of the Sasanian Kusānsāhs ·» 145-164, pl.23-24

Rotter, Gernot: The Umayyad fulūs of Mosul ·» 165-198, pl.25

Lachman, Samuel: The initial letters on Ottoman coins of the eighteenth century ·» 199-224, pl.26-28


Seymour, Dexter C.: Templeton Reid, first of the pioneer coiners ·» 225-266, pl.29

Buttrey, Theodore V. / Gordus, Adon A.: A neutron activation analysis of the silver coinage of Zapata, 1914-1915 ·» 267-294, pl.30-31

ANSMN 20 (1975)


Kleiner, Fred S.: Some unpublished Athenian bronze coins ·» 1-5, pl.1

Mørkholm, Otto: Ptolemaic coins and chronology: the dated silver coinage of Alexandria 7-24, pl.2-6

Golenko, Konstantin V.: The method of counterfeiting ancient coins of the Bosporus by M. Sazonov as told by himself - translation and commentary ·» 25-28

Roman and Byzantine:

Fears, J. Rufus: Sulla or Endymion: a reconsideration of a denarius of L. Aemilius Buca ·» 29-37

Metcalf, William E.: The Tell Kalak hoard and Trajan's Arabian mint ·» 39-108, pl.7-14

Metcalf, William E.: A Heraclian hoard from Syria ·» 109-137, pl.14-16


Metcalf, D.M.: Some hoards and stray finds from the Latin East ·» 139-152, pl.17-21


Houston, Rose Chan: A note on two coin hoards reported in Kao Ku ·» 153-160, pl.22-25

Panish, Charles K.: The coins of North Cambodia ·» 161-174, pl.26

ANSMN 21 (1976)


Waggoner, Nancy M.: Three recent Greek accessions ·» 1-9, pl.1

Betylon, John W.: A new chronology for the pre-alexandrine coinage of Sidon ·» 11-35, pl.2-4

Zervos, Orestes H.: The Delta hoard of Ptolemaic "Alexanders", 1896 ·» 37-58, pl.5-8

Roman and Byzantine:

Hersh, Charles A.: A tri-denominational hoard of early Roman silver coins from Sicily ·» 59-65, pl.9-10

Buttrey, Theodore V.: The denarii of P. Crepusius and Roman Republican mint organization ·» 67-108, pl.11

Metcalf, William E.: Early anonymous folles from Antioch and the chronology of Class A ·» 109-128, pl.12


Stahl, Alan M.: The Merovingian CA coinage of Austrasia ·» 129-151, pl.13

Brady, J.D.: "Ego Sum Dues": a mistaken legend of Artois ·» 153-159, pl.13


Whitcomb, Donald S.: The Fārs hoard: a Būyid hoard from Fārs province, Iran ·» 161-250, pl.14-17


Vermeule, Cornelius C.: Numismatic art in America to 1796 ·» 251-255, pl.13

Julian, R.W.: The first Indian peace medal of the United States ·» 257-259, pl.18


Melville-Jones, John R.: Index to American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 1-20: Author index / General / Greek / Roman / Greek Imperial / Byzanthine / European / Oriental / Western Hemisphere ·» 261-301

ANSMN 22 (1977)


Bodenstedt, Friedrich: Observations on some early electrum types of Mytilene and Phocaea ·» 1-7, pl.1-2

Troxell, Hyla A.: Greek accessions: Asia Minor to India ·» 9-27, pl.3-4

Thompson, Margaret: A Greek imperial medallion from Pautalia ·» 29-36, pl.5

Slocum, John J.: Another look at the coins of Hatra ·» 37-47, pl.6-7

Roman and Byzantine:

Carter, Giles F. / Buttrey, Theodore V.: Chemical compositions of copper-based Roman coins, II: Augustus and Tiberius ·» 49-65

Metcalf, William E.: A note on Trajan' Latin aes from Antioch ·» 67-70, pl.8-9

Metcalf, William E.: The Antioch hoard of antoniniani and the eastern coinage of Trebonianus Gallus and Volusian ·» 71-94, pl.10-18


Salomon, Richard: Western Ksatrapa and related coins in the coollection of the ANS ·» 95-134, pl.19-22

Noonan, Thomas S.: The 1958 dirhem hoard from Tartu in Estonia ·» 135-159

Bates, Michael L.: The coinage of the Mamluk sultan Baybars I: additions and corrections ·» 161-181, pl.23

Balog, Paul: New considerations on Mamluk heraldry ·» 183-211

Album, Stephen: The coinage of Nur-Award, Atabeg of Lur Buzurg 751-57 H. / A.D. 1350-56 ·» 213-239, pl.24-25


Brady, J.D.: Rediscovery of Joseph Wright's medal of George Washington ·» 241-265, pl.26-28

Seymour, Dexter C.: The 1830 coinage of Templeton Reid [USA] ·» 267-310

ANSMN 23 (1978)


Troxell, Hyla A. / Waggoner, Nancy M.: The Robert F. Kelley bequest ·» 3-41, pl.1-6

Zervos, Orestes H.: A Ptolemaic hoard of "Athena" tetradrachms at ANS ·» 43-58, pl.7

Houghton, Arthur: The Seleucid mint at Lamspsacus ·» 59-68, pl.8

Morkholm, Otto: The era of Pamphylian Alexanders ·» 69-75, pl.9

Kleiner, Fred S.: Hoard evidence and the late cistophori of Pergamum ·» 77-105, pl.10-17

Roman and Byzantine:

Pond Rothman, Margaret S.: Posthumous Hadrianic medallions ·» 107-128, pl.18-26

Metcalf, William E. / Walker, Paul M.: The Antioch hoard: a supplement ·» 129-132, pl.27


Brady, J.D.: A firm attribution of Latin gold coinage to twelfth-century Jerusalem ·» 133-147, pl.28-31

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: A Hoard of bilingual trams of Hetoum I of Cilician Armenia ·» 149-160, pl.32-35


Wurtzel, Carl.: The coinages of the revolutionaries in the late Umayyad period ·» 161-199, pl.36-37


Adams, Nicholas: New information about screw press as a device of minting coins: Bramante, Cellini and Baldassare Peruzzi ·» 201-206, pl.38

Brady, J.D.: The essai quartier-florin of Brabant, 1600 ·» 207-209, pl.39

Brady, J.D.: Two additions to the works of Karl Goetz ·» 211-212, pl.40

ANS Style Sheet, Guide to contibutors and list of abbreviations ·» 213-220

ANSMN 24 (1979)


Bauslaugh, Robert: The posthumous Alexander coinage of Chios ·» 1-45, pl.1-17

Mørkholm, Otto: Some reflections on the early cistophoric coinage ·» 47-61, pl.18-19

Jones, Nicholas F.: The autonomous wreathed tetradrachms of Magnesia-on-Maeander ·» 63-109, pl.20-26

Houghton, Arthur: The second reign of Demetrius II of Syria at Tarsus ·» 111-116 6 pl.27-29

Roman and Byzantine:

Shiel, Norman: The coinage of Saloninus as Augustus ·» 117-122, pl.30

Metcalf, William E.: Roman aurei from India ·» 123-127, pl.31

Bruun, Patrick: The successive monetary reforms of Diocletian ·» 129-148, pl.32-33

Schwartz, Frances M. / Schwartz, James H.: Engraved gems in the collection of the ANS: 1. Ancient magical amulets ·» 149-197, pl.34-40

Matthews, Jane Timken: The source for the solidus issued by Constantine VII in 945 ·» 199-212, pl.41-43

Bendall, Simon: The coinage of Trebizond under Isaac II (A.D. 1185-95). With a note on an unfinished Byzantine die ·» 213-217, pl.44


Broome, M.R.: The silver coins of Baybars I without mint name ·» 219-223, pl.45-46

Balaguer, Anna M.: Early Islamic transitional gold issues of north Africa and Spain in the ANS ·» 225-241, pl.47

Bier, Carol Manson: The work of al-Hasan b. Muhammad, die engraver at Isbahān and al-Muhammadiyya ·» 243-256, pl.48-49


Doty, Richard G.: The confederate issues of 17 February 1864 [USA] ·» 257-273, pl.50-51

ANS Style Guide, Guide for contibutors and list of abbreviations ·» 275-282

ANSMN 25 (1980)


Waggoner, Nancy M.: Coins from the William P. Wallace collection ·» 1-15, pl.1-2

Zervos, Orestes H.: Newell's manuscript of the Kuft hoard ·» 17-29, pl.3

Houghton, Arthur: Tarik Darreh (Kangavar) hoard ·» 31-44, pl.4-5

Kleiner, Fred S.: Further reflections on the eary cistophoric coinage ·» 45-52, pl.6

Kraay, Colin M.: Jewish friends and allies of Rome ·» 53-57

Rigsley, Kent J.: The imperial tetradrachms of Heliopolis ·» 59-61

Roman and Byzantine:

Brunk, Gregory G.: A Hoard from Syria countermarked by the Roman legions ·» 63-76, pl.7-8

Bastien, Pierre: The Iantinum mint ·» 77-85, pl.9-11

Metcalf, William E.: Three seventh-century Byzantine gold hoards ·» 87-108, pl.12-13


Wicks, Robert S.: Bull/Trisula coin issues of the fifth to eighth century from Arakan, Assam and Bengal: a revised typology and chronology ·» 109-131, pl.14-15

Whelan, Estelle J.: A contribution to Dānishmendid history: the figured copper coins ·» 133-166, pl.16-17

Remler, Philip N.: Ottoman, Isfendiyarid, and Eretnid coinage: a currency community in fourteenth century Anatolia ·» 167-188, pl.18-20


Doty, Richard G.: The bolivian monetary medal ·» 189-208, pl.21-23


McGovern, Waxne E.: Missing die probabilities, expected die production and the index figure ·» 209-223

ANSMN 26 (1981)


Kroll, John H.: From Wappenmünzen to Gorgoneia to owls ·» 1-32, pl.1-2

Thompson, Margaret: The Cavalla hoard (IGCH 450) ·» 33-49, pl.3-9

Martin, Thomas R.: A third-century B.C. hoard from Thessaly at the ANS (IGCH 168) ·» 51-77, pl.10-16

Mathisen, Ralph W.: Antigonus Gonatas and the silver coinages of Macedonia circa 280-270 B.C. ·» 79-124, pl.17-22

Weiskopf, Michael: The Kuh Dasht hoard and the Parthian "Dark Age" ·» 125-152, pl.23-25

Mc Lean, Mark D.: The initial coinage of Alexander Jannaeus ·» 153-161, pl.26

Harl, Kenneth W.: Caracalla or Elagabalus? The imperial imago at the Greek mint of Magnesia ad Maeandrum ·» 163-184, pl.27-28

Roman and Byzantine:

Metcalf, William E.: A corrigendum to The Cistophori of Hadrian ·» 185-186, pl.29

Kaiser-Raiss, Maria Regina: Posthumous Hadrianic medallions? ·» 187-194, pl.30


Malandra, Geri Hockfield: Transitional style in the Siva images on Kusāna gold coins ·» 195-202, pl.31

Bates, Michael L.: The Ottoman coinage of Tilimsān ·» 203-214, pl.32


Varriano, John L.: Some documentary evidence on the restriking of early Papal medals ·» 215-223

ANSMN 27 (1982)


Oakley, John H.: The autonomous wreathed tetradrachms of Kyme, Aeolis ·» 1-37, pl.1-14

Bauslaugh, Robert A.: The unique portrait tetradrachm of Eumenes II ·» 39-51, pl.15-16

Bloesch, Hansjörg: Hellenistic coins of Aegeae (Cilicia) ·» 53-96 pl.17-22

Johnston, Ann: Caracalla or Elagabalus? A case of unnecessarily mistaken identity ·» 97-147, pl.23-24


Morrisson, Cécile / Schwartz, James H.: Vandal silver coinage in the name of Honorius ·» 149-179, pl.25-28


Munro-Hay, Stuart: A new issue of king Nezoōl of Aksum in the collection of the ANS ·» 181-184


Noonan, Thomas: A ninth century dirham hoard from Devitsa in southern Russia ·» 185-209

Blair, Sheila S.: The coins of the later Ilkhānids: mint organization, regionalism and urbanism ·» 211-230, pl.29


Dyer, Graham P. / Gaspar, Peter P.: A Virginia numismatic discovery ·» 231-237, pl.30-31

Doty, Richard G.: Confederate issues of 1864: a reappraisal ·» 239-244, pl.32

ANSMN 28 (1983)


Martin, Thomas R.: The chronology of the fourth-century B.C. facing-head coinage of Larissa ·» 1-34, pl.1

Troxell, Hyla A.: Arsinoe's Non-Era ·» 35-70, pl.2-10

Bedoukian, Paul Z.: Coinage of the Armenian kingdoms of Sophene and Commagene ·» 71-88, pl.11-12

Mørkholm, Otto: The autonomous tetradrachms of Laodicea ad Mare ·» 89-107, pl.13-19

Burnett, Andrew / Craddock, Paul: Rome and Alexandria: the minting of Egyptian tetradrachms under Severus Alexander ·» 109-118, pl.20


Russell, James: A coin hoard of Maurice Tiberius from Anemurium, Isauria ·» 119-131, pl.21


Kuntz, Roger / Warden, William B.: A gold dinar of the Sasanian Queen Buran ·» 133-135


Bikhazi, Ramzi Jibran: The struggle for Syria and Mesopotamia (330-58/941-69) as reflected on Hamdānid and Ikhshīdid coins ·» 137-186

Lowick, Nicholas M.: The wandering die of Nīsābūr: a sequel ·» 187-193, pl.22


Carter, Giles F.: A simplified method for calculating the original numbers of dies from die link statistics ·» 195-206

ANSMN 29 (1984)


Houghton, Arthur / Moore, Wayne: Some early far northeastern Seleucid mints ·» 1-9, pl.1-2

Kagan, Jonathan H.: Hellenistic coinage at Scepsis after its refoundation in the third century B.C. ·» 11-24, pl.3

Rizack, Martin A.: A coin with the Aramaic legend SHRW, a king-governor of LIHYAN ·» 25-28

Mørkholm, Otto: The chronology of the new style coinage of Athens ·» 29-42

McAlee, Richard G.: The Severan tetradrachms of Laodicea ·» 43-59, pl.4-5

Harl, Kenneth W.: The coinage of Neapolis in Samaria, A.D. 244-53 ·» 61-97, pl.6-15

Roman and Byzantine:

Badian, Ernst: Q.OPPIUS.PR. ·» 99-102

Hersh, Charles / Walker, Alan: The Mesagne hoard ·» 103-134, 2 tables, pl.16-19

Bartusis, Mark C.: A seal of Nikephorus Votaneiates ·» 135-141

Bendall, Simon: Longuet's Salonica hoard reexamined ·» 143-157, pl.20-26


Hahn, Wolfgang R.O.: The numismatic evidence for the reconstruction of the Aksumite royal line ·» 159-179, pl.27-32


Balog, Paul: A unusual Fātimid glass weight ·» 181-184


Broome, Michael: A Florentine restrike taler ·» 185-189, pl.33-34

Doty, Richard G.: The north Carolina railroad hoard ·» 191-201, pl.35

ANSMN 30 (1985)


Sacks, Kenneth S.: The wreathed coins of Aeolian Myrina ·» 1-43, pl.1-22

Kinns, Philip: Myrina and related forgeries ·» 45-68, pl.23-29

Fisher, Roger S.: Two notes on the Aesillas tetradrachms: mint attribution and die control system ·» 69-88, pl.30-31

Johnston, Ann: The so-called "pseudo-autonomous" Greek imperials ·» 89-112, pl.32-38


Pollini, John: The meaning and date of the reverse type of Gaius Caesar on horseback ·» 113-117, pl.39

Albertson, Fred C.: Maxentian hoards and the mint at Ostia ·» 119-141, pl.40

Bastien, Pierre: Imitations of Roman bronze coins, A.D. 318-363 ·» 143-177, pl.41-44


Karras, Ruth Mazo: Early twelfth-century bohemian coinage in light of a hoard of Vladislav I ·» 179-210, pl.45

Stahl, Alan M.: A fourteenth-century Venetian coin potrait ·» 211-214, pl.46


Carter, Martha L.: A numismatic reconstruction of Kushano-Sasanian history ·» 215-281, pl.47-52

ANSMN 31 (1986)


Elayi, Josette / Elayi, Alain Gérard: The Aradian Pataecus ·» 1-5

Moysey, Robert A.: The silver stater issues of Pharnabazos and Datames from the mint of Tarsus in Cilicia ·» 7-61, pl.1-5

Thompson, Margaret: The Armenak hoard (IGCH 1423) ·» 63-106, pl.6-26

Houghton, Arthur: The elephants of Nisibis ·» 107-124, pl.27-29

Moore, Wayne: The divine couple of Demetrius II, Nicator, and his coinage at Nisibis ·» 125-143, pl.30-31

Jacobson, David M.: A new interpretation of the reverse of Herod's largest coin ·» 145-165, pl.32

Weigel, Richard D.: An Augean stables coin type from Nicaea ·» 167-169


Holland, Lionel: Islamic bronze weights from Caesarea Maritima ·» 171-201, pl.33-36

Kolbas, J.: Mamluk bronze weights: an extinct species? ·» 203-206

Komaroff, Linda: The epigraphy of Timurid coinages: some preliminary remarks ·» 207-232, pl.37-38


Lasser, Joseph R.: The Albany commitee of correspondence's paper money ·» 233-239, pl.39

ANSMN 32 (1987)


Dimitrov, Kamen: Studies of the numismatic material found at Seuthopolis: problems, research methods, and basic conclusions ·» 1-10, pl.1

Bauslaugh, Robert A.: Two unpublished overstrikes: new style Athens and Aesillas the Quaestor ·» 11-21, pl.2-3

Glew, Dennis G.: The Cappadocian expedition of Nicomedes III Euergetes, king of Bithynia ·» 23-55, pl.4-6

Mørkholm, Otto: The date of the autonomous tetradrachms of Aegeae in Cilicia ·» 57-60


Metcalf, William E.: The Michigan finds at Carthage, 1975-79: an analysis ·» 61-84

Hersh, Charles A.: Some additional Roman Republican overstrikes ·» 85-95, pl.7-8

Evans, Jane DeRose: The Sicilian coinage of Sextus Pompeius (Crawford 511) ·» 97-157, pl.9


Bedoukian, Paul Z.: The small, armed-man coins of Baldwin II ·» 159-167, pl.10


Flatt, H.P.: The transitional coins of Peru ·» 169-180, pl.11


Morrisson, Cécile / Barrandon, Jean-Noël / Brenot, Claude: Composition and technology of ancient and medieval coinages: a reassessment of analytical results ·» 181-209

ANSMN 33 (1988)


Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen / Beer-Tobey, Leslie / Waggoner, Nancy M.: A Greek archaic silver hoard from Selinus ·» 1-35, pl.1-15

Kagan, Jonathan H.: Some archaic bovine curiosities ·» 37-44, pl.16

Issac, John D. Mac: Phliasian bronze coinage ·» 45-54

Houghton, Arthur / Moore, Wayne: Five Seleucid notes ·» 55-69, pl.17-18

Houghton, Arthur / Bendall, Simon: A hoard of Aegean tetradrachms and the autonomous tetradrachms of Elaeusa Sebaste ·» 71-89, pl.19


Carter, Giles F.: Zinc content of Neronian semisses and quadrantes and the relative value of zinc and copper in the coins of Nero ·» 91-106

Sheridan, Jennifer A.: The nome coins of Alexandria, another look ·» 107-110, pl.20

Long, Jacqueline: A new solidus of Julian Caesar ·» 111-118, pl.20


Spellberg, Denise A.: The Ummayyad North: Numismatic evidence for frontier administration ·» 119-127, pl.21


Todesca, James J.: The monetary history of Castile-Leon (ca. 1100-1300) in the light of the Bourgey hoard ·» 129-203, pl.22-23


Newman, Eric P.: Were counterfeit British style halfpence dated 1785 made specifically for American use? ·» 205-223, pl.24-25

Continued as American Journal of Numismatics (2nd series), since 1989

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