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American Journal of Numismatics (AJN)
Publisher: American Numismatic Society
continuing The Amercan Numismatic Society Museum Notes
2nd serie: since 1989

Table of contents in the order of publication :   1 (1989) - 32 (2020)

Alternative :   table of contents by authors in alphabetical order 1(1989) - 21(2009)

AJN 1 (1989)


Bing, J. D.: Reattribution of the Myriandrus Alexanders: The Case for Issus ·» 1-32, pl.1-2

Hersh, Charles: An unpublished coin of Philip II of Macedonia, from his first issue of Bronzes ·» 33-36, pl.3


García-Bellido, M. Paz: Punic Iconography on the Roman Denarii of M. Plaetorius Cestianus ·» 37-49, pl.4-5

Metcalf, William E.: Rome and Lugdunum again ·» 51-70, pl.6-8

Kleiner, Fred S.: Galba and the Sullan Capitolium ·» 71-77, pl.9

Hoskins Walbank, Mary E.: Marsyas at Corinth ·» 79-87

Haley, Evan: The Roman Bronze coinage in Britain and Monetary History from A.D. 293 to 350 ·» 89-116


Choksy, Jamsheed K.: A Sāsānian Monarch, his Queen, Crown Prince, and Dieties: The coinage of Wahrām II ·» 117-135, pl.10

Sears, Stuart D.: A Pahlavi Imitation of the Experimental and Reformed Coinage of the Umayyads ·» 137-169, pl.11-14

Bonner, Michael: The mint of Hārūnābād and al-Hārūniyya, 168-171 H. ·» 171-193, pl.15


Hodder, Michael: New Jersey Reverse J, a Biennial Die ·» 195-237, pl.16-17

AJN 2 (1990)


Nicolet Pierre, Hélène / Kroll, John H.: Athenian tetradrachm coinage of the third century B.C. ·» 1-35, pl.1-6

Roman and Byzantine:

Newman, Robert: A dialogue of power in the coinage of Antony and Octavian (44-30 B.C.) ·» 37-63, pl.7-8

Jones, C. P.: Heracles at Smyrna ·» 65-76, pl.9

Damsky, Ben L.: The Stadium Aureus of Septimius Severus ·» 77-105, pl.10-13

Ermatinger, James: The circulation pattern of Diocletian's Nummus ·» 107-117

Protonotarios, P.N.: John V and Anna of Savoy in Thessalonica (1351-1365): The Sevres Hoard ·» 119-128, pl.14-15


Eran, A.: Reweighing Balog's Glass Commodity Weights ·» 129-149


Flatt, H.P.: The Flawed Peruvian Proof Coins of 1886 ·» 151-165, pl.16

Book Reviews:


Hill: The Monuments of Ancient Rome as Coin Types (rev. Fred S. Kleiner) ·» 167-170

Alram, MIR 27: Die Münzprägung des Kaisers Maximinus I. Thrax (235/238) (rev. William E. Metcalf) ·» 171-174

Depsyrot: Le Bas-empire romain (Jacqueline F. Long) ·» 174-181

Casey / Reece: Coins and the Archaeologist (John H. Kroll) ·» 181-183


Dumas Dubourg: Le monnagage des dues de Bourgogne (rev. Rosalind K. Berlow) ·» 183-186

Kovacs: Münzen aus der ungarischen Landnahmezeit (Alan M. Stahl) ·» 186-189

Malmer: The Sigtuna Coinage c. 995-1005 (Deborah J. Shepherd) ·» 189-194

Hennequin: Monnaies de l'Islam et du Proche-Orient (Michael L. Bates) ·» 194-197


Jones: Catalogue of French Medals in the British Museum (rev. Stephen K. Scher) ·» 197-207

Purvis: Proprietors, Patronage and Paper Money: Legislative Politics in New Jersey 1703-1776 (Eric P. Newman) ·» 207-209

Breen: Waller Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins (Richard G. Doty) ·» 209-213

AJN 3/4 (1992)


Elayi, J. and A.G.: The first coinage of Sidon with a galley bearing the so-called triangular sail ·» 1-9, pl.1-2

de Callataÿ, F.: Athenian new style tetradrachms in Macedonian hoards ·» 11-20

Nawotka, Krzysztof: Asander of the Bosporus: His coinage and chronology ·» 21-48, pl.3-4


Munro-Hay, Stuart: Forgeries of the Aksumite series ·» 49-64, pl.5-6

Metcalf, D.M. / Cabral, J.M.P. / Alves, L.C.: Sixth-century Visigothic metrology, some evidence from Portugal ·» 65-90, pl.7


Browne, Gerald M.: A new coin legend for Prakāsāditya ·» 91-93


Kürkman, Garo: A Divani dated coin of 567 of the Manguchakids; and coins of 936 (not 1036) of Sulayman the Magnificent ·» 95-103, pl.8-9


Waldman, Louis: Varrone d'Agniolo Belferdino's commemorative medal of an unknown lady ·» 105-116, pl.10-12


Lasser, Joseph R.: The cobs of Cartagena, 1622-1655 ·» 117-122, pl.13-14

Adams, John W.: The Virginia Happy While United Medal ·» 123-134, pl.15

Doty, Richard G.: Juaristas, imperialistas, and centavos: Decimalization and civil war in Mexico, 1857-1870 ·» 135-146, pl.16


Carter, Giles F. / Nord, Ross S.: Calculation of the average die lifetimes and the number of anvils for coinage in antiquity ·» 147-164

Esty, Warren W. / Carter, Giles F.: The distribution of the number of coins struck by dies ·» 165-186

Review Article:

Hersh, Charles A.: At Last, Morgantina. Reviewing Buttrey, Erim, Groves, and Holloway, Morgantina Studies 2: The Coins ·» 187-194, pl.17

Book Reviews:


Crawford / Ligota / Trapp, Eds.: Medals and Coins from Budé to Mommsen. (rev. Jonathan H. Kagan) ·» 195-201

Lorber: Amphipolis. The Civic Coinage in Silver and Gold. (Denyse Bérend) ·» 201-207

Davesne / Le Rider, et al.: Gülnar II. Le Trésor de Meydancikkale (Cilicie Trachée, 1980). (Carmen Arnold-Biucchi) ·» 207-214

Gruel: La monnaie chez les gaulois. (Günther Dembski) ·» 214-215

Bopearachchi: Monnaies gréco-bactriennes el indo-grecques: calalogue raisonné. (Frank L. Hol) ·» 215-222

Nicolaou: Paphos II: The Coins from the House of Dionysos. (Danielle F. Parks) ·» 222-225

Melville-Jones, John: A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins. (Jane DeRose Evans) ·» 225-228

Foss: Roman Historical Coins. (Kenneth W. Harl) ·» 228-229

Turner: Roman Coins from India. (John Casey) ·» 229-233

Boschung: Die Bildnisse des Caligula. (Fred S. Kleiner) ·» 233-238

Lukanc: Diocletianus. Der römische Kaiser aus Dalmatien. (Roger Bland) ·» 239-241


Hammarberg / Malmer / Zachrisson: Byzantine Coins Found in Sweden. (Joan M. Fagerlie) ·» 241-244

Deyell: Living without Silver: The Monetary History of Early Medieval North India. (Stuart D. Sears) ·» 244-248

Jonsson / Malmer, Eds.: Sigtuna Papers. Proceedings of the Sigtuna Symposium on Viking Age Coinage 1-4 June 1989. (Deborah J. Shepherd) ·» 249-252

Cipolla: I fiorino e il quattrino; La moneta à Milano nel Quattrocento; La moneta à Firenze nel Cinquecento. (Alan M. Stahl) ·» 252-255

Trusted: German Renaissance Medals. A Catalogue of the Collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum. (Mark M. Salton) ·» 255-259


Porrúa: La Casa de Moneda de México a más de 450 años. (Richard G. Doty) ·» 259-263

Mira / Noble: The Holey Dollars of New South Wales. (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 264-266

Bruce / Moe, Eds., Collecting World Coins. A Century of Monetary Issues; Krause / Lemke, Standard Catalog of U.S. Paper Money, 9th ed.; Hickman / Oakes, Standard Catalog of National Bank Notes, 2nd ed.; Rulau, U.S. Merchant Tokens 1845 1860. (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 266-270

AJN 5/6 (1993/94)


Mildenberg, Leo: The Cyzicenes: a reappraisal ·» 1-12, pl.1-2

Hersh, Charles A. / Troxell, Hyla A.: A 1993 hoard of Alexander drachms from the Near East ·» 13-42, pl.3-6

Draganov, Dimiter / Houghton, Arthur / Moore, Wayne: Four Seleucid notes ·» 43-68, pl.7-8


Cerutti, Steven: Brutus, Cyprus, and the coinage of 55 B.C. ·» 69-87, pl.9

Kos, Peter: Festive issues of Galerius from the Tetrarchic mint of Siscia ·» 89-96, pl.10


Evans, Jane DeRose: Heraclian countermarks on coins found at Caesarea ·» 97-104, pl.10


Malek, Hodge Mehdi: The Dābūyid Ispahbads of Tabaristān [an important work on post-Sasanian coinage] ·» 105-160, pl.11-17

South Asian:

Browne, Gerald M.: New readings of legends on Gupta gold dīnāras ·» 161-166, pl.18


Stahl, Alan M. / Waldman, Louis: The earliest known medalists: the Sesto brothers of Venice ·» 167-188, pl.19-21

Western Hemisphere:

Stahl, Alan M.: Coins from the excavations at La Isabela, Dominican Republic, the first European colony in the New World ·» 189-207, pl.22-25

Calendar Medals:

Turner, A.J.: A seventeenth century Calendar Scale for medals and mathematical instruments ·» 209-219, pl.26-27

Book Reviews:


Price: The coinage in the name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus. (rev. Robert A. Bauslaugh) ·» 221-234, pl.28

Potts: The pre-Islamic coinage of eastern Arabia. (Carmen Arnold-Biucchi) ·» 234-241, pl.28

Burnett / Amandry / Ripollès: Roman Provincial Coinage, 1, From the death of Caesar to the death of Vitellius (44 B.C. - A.D. 69). (John H. Kroll) ·» 241-248

Lightfoot / Bland / Lángi / Kos: recent books on Roman finds. (William E. Metcalf) ·» 248-251

Evans, Jane DeRose: The art of persuasion: Political propaganda from Aeneas to Brutus. (Richard D. Weigel) ·» 251-255

Medieval and Modern:

Weiller: La Circulation monétaire et les trouvailles numismatiques du moyen age el des temps modernes au pays de Luxembourg, 2. (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 255-257

Raynor / Mitchel / Reeds: recent books on Great Britain. (Harrington E. Manville) ·» 258-262

Adams: United States numismatic literature, 1, Nineteenth Century Auction Catalogs, and 2, Twentieth Century Auction Catalogues. (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 263-265

Gillilland: Sylloge of the United States Holdings in the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution, 1, Gold Coins. (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 265-266


Cribb: A Catalogue of Sycee in the British Museum: Chinese Silver Currency Ingots, c. 1750-1933. (Richard G. Doty) ·» 266-269

Errington / Cribb, Eds.: The Crossroads of Asia: Transformation in Image and Symbol in the Art of Ancient Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Michael L. Bates) ·» 269-271

Editorial Board of "Xinjiang Numismatics": Xinjiang Numismatics. (Michael L. Bate) ·» 271-274

AJN 7/8 (1995/96)


Ierardi, Michael: The Tetradrachms of Agathokles of Syracuse: A Preliminary Study ·» 1-73, pl.1-11

Sellwood, David: The "Victory" Drachms of Phraates IV ·» 75-81, pl.12

Dobbins, Ed.: Countermarked Characene tetradrachms of Attambelos IV ·» 83-112, pl.13-14

Roman and Byzantine:

McAlee, Richard G.: Vespasian's Syrian provincial coinage ·» 113-143, pl.15-20

Metcalf, William E. / Fulco, William J.: Coins from the excavation at Tell Nimrin ·» 145-154, pl.21-22

Nercessian, Y.T.: Two silver coins of Gosdantin III of Cilician Armenia ·» 155-160


Aykut, Nezihi: Some Coins of Mas'ūd I, Qilijarslān II, and the Maliks [Anatolian Seljuqs] ·» 161-186, pl.23


Kleeberg, John M.: Reconstructing the Beach-Grünthal hoard of counterfeit halfpence: the Montclair, New Jersey (1992) hoard ·» 187-208, pl.24-27


Keyser, Paul T.: Greco-Roman Alchemy and Coins of Imitation Silver ·» 209-234, pl.28-32

Carter, Giles F.: The Chronology of Augustan Asses and Quadrantes Determined from Chemical Compositions ·» 235-250

Book Reviews:

Vinogradov, Jurii / Kryzickij, Sergej: Olbia, Eine altgriechische Stadt im nordwestlichen Schwarzmeerraum [Leiden/NY/Köln, 1995] (rev. Elena Stolyarik) ·» 251-256

Hazzard, R.A.: Ptolemaic Coins: an Introduction for Collectors [Toronto, 1995] (Catharine C. Lorber) ·» 256-276

Weiser, Wolfram: Katalog Ptolemäischer Bronzemünzen der Universität Köln [1995] (Catharine C. Lorber) ·» 256-276

Berger, Frank: Die Münzen der Römischen Republik im Kestner-Museum Hannover [Hannover, 1989] (Richard Schaefer) ·» 276-287

Callegher, B. / Asolati, M. / Crisafulli, C.: Ritrovamenti monetale di èta romana nel Veneto [Padova, 1992-95] (Bland, Roger) ·» 287-289

Hollstein, Wilhelm: Die stadtrömische Münzprägung der Jahre 78-50 v.Chr. zwischen politischer Aktualität und Familienthematik: Kommentar und Bibliographie [München, 1993] (Jane DeRose Evans) ·» 289-293

Kokkinos, Nikos: Antonia Augusta: Portrait of a Great Roman Lady [London, 1992] (Susan Wood) ·» 293-298

Kent, J.P.C.: The Roman Imperial Coinage, vol.10, The Divided Empire and the Fall of the Western Parts AD 395-491 [London, 1994] (Ralph W. Mathisen) ·» 299-305


Allouche, Adel: The Mamluk Economics: A Study an Translation of Al-Maqrizi's Ighathāh [Utaha Press, 1994] (Warren C. Schultz) ·» 305-311

Sandrock, John E.: Copper cash ans Silver Taels [n.d.] (Fredric G. Withington) ·» 311-313

AJN 9 (1997)


Houghton, Arthur: Some Seleucid test pieces ·» 1-5, pl.1

Saryan, L.A.: An unpublished silver drachm attributed to Artaxias III (A.D. 18-34) of Armenia ·» 7-16

Butcher, Kevin / Ponting, Matthew: A study of the chemical composition of Roman silver coinage, A.D. 196-97 ·» 17-36


Browne, Gerald M.: The Elephant Rider Dīnāras of Kumāragupta I ·» 37-40

Daryaee, Tourai: The use of religio-political propaganda on the coinage of Xusrō II ·» 41-53, pl.1


Nuxoll, Elizabeth M.: A generation of numismatic cooperation: Findings on the notes and coins of the Confederation through the papers of Robert Morris ·» 55-87, pl.2-5

Buttrey, Theodor V.: False Western American gold bars ·» 89-112, pl.6-7

Review Article:

Buttrey, S.E. / Buttrey, Theodor V.: Calculating ancient coin production, again. Reviewing de Callataÿ, Depeyrot, and Villaronga, "L’Argent monnaye d’Alexandre le grand a Auguste", and de Callataÿ, "Calculating ancient coin production: Seeking a balance" ·» 113-135

Book Reviews:

van Keuren, Francis: The Coinage of Heraclea Lucaniae [Rome, 1994] (rev. Andrew Burnett) ·» 137-139

Brown, Blanche R.: Royal portraits in sculpture and coins: Pyrrhos and the successors of Alexander the Great [NY, 1995] (Jane DeRose Evans) ·» 139-143

Harl, Kenneth W.: Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700. [London, 1996] (David B. Hollande) ·» 143-150

Bastien, P.: Le buste monétaire des empereurs romains [Wetteren 1992-94] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 150-154

Giard, Jean Baptiste, ed.: Ripostiglio de Venèra Nuovo Catalogo Illustrato, vol. I, Gordiano III - Quintillo, and Estiot, Sylviane ed.: vol. II/I, Aureliano. (William E. Metcalf) ·» 154-157

Ashton, R.H.: Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey [London, 1996] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 157-159

Amandry, M. / Le Rider, G., eds.: Trésors et circulation monétaire en Analolie antique [Paris, 1994] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 157-159

AJN 10 (1998)


Visonà, Paolo: Carthaginian coinage in perspective ·» 1-27, pl.1-4

Schell, James A.: Iconography of the control marks on the Alexander issues of Soli, Cyprus ·» 29-35, pl.5

Hersh, Charles A.: The Phoenicia 1997 hoard of Alexander-type tetradrachms ·» 37-40

Hersh, Charles: Tyrus Rediviva reconsidered ·» 41-59, pl.6-9

Stolyarik, Elena: The reign and chronology of the Archon Hygiaenon ·» 61-70, pl.10

Hoover, Oliver D.: Notes on some imitation drachms of Demetrius I Soter from Commagene ·» 71-94, pl.10-12

Cohen, Getzel M.: The letters IAAΓ [iota alpha alpha gamma] on some coins of Abila and Gadara ·» 95-102

Galst, Jay M.: A new variety of a Roman provincial tetradrachm from Neapolis ·» 103-104


Fulghum, Mary Margaret / Heintz, Florent: A hoard of early Byzantine glass weights from Sardis ·» 105-120

Islamic and Asian:

Browne, Gerald M.: Three notes on Gupta coin legends ·» 121-126

Schultz, Warren C.: Mahmûd ibn 'Alî and the "New Fulûs": late fourteenth century Mamluk Egyptian copper coinage reconsidered ·» 127-148

Book reviews:

Bopearachchi, Osmund / Rahman, Aman-Ur, et al: Pre-Kushana Coins in Pakistan [Karachi, 1995] (rev. Martha L. Carter) ·» 149-151

Savio, Adriano: Katalog der alexandrinischen Münzen der Sammlung Dr. Christian Friedrich August Schledehaus im Kulturgeschichtlichen Museum Osnabrück, Band 3: Die Münzen des 3. Jhs. [Bramsche, 1997] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 151-155

Bland, Roger / Orna-Ornstein, John, editors: Coin Hoards from Roman Btitain, vol.10. [London, 1997] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 155-157

AJN 11 (1999)


McAlee, Richard G.: The Livia hoard of pseudo-Philip tetradrachms ·» 1-12, pl.1-3

Schwartz, James H.: Engraved gems in the collection of the ANS II: Intaglios with Eros ·» 13-45, pl.4-5


Kool, Robert: A Fatimid amulet-box with European and Islamic coins from the eleventh century ·» 47-68, pl.6-7

Modern [USA]:

Kleeberg, John M.: From regional to national gold circulation patterns: the evidence of the Hull, Texas (1936) hoard ·» 69-83, pl.8

Hodder, Michael: Western American gold and unparted bars: a review of the evidence ·» 85-149, pl.9

Book reviews:

Howgego, Chrisopher: Ancient History from Coins. Approching the Ancient World [London, 1995] (rev. Robert A. Bauslaugh) ·» 151-159

Rebuffat, François: La Monnaie dans L'Antiqité [Paris, 1996] (rev. Robert A. Bauslaugh) ·» 151-159

Hobley, Andrew S.: An Examination of Roman Bronze Coin Distribution in the Western Empire AD 81-192 [Oxford 1998] (Carlos F. Noreña) ·» 160-164

Giard, Jean-Baptiste: Catalogue des monnaies de l'Empire romain III. Du soulèvement de 68 après J.-C. à Nerva [Paris, 1998] (Sarah E. Cox) ·» 164-173

Repertorium zur neuzeitlichen Münzprägung Europas, vol.2, Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation und Nachfolgestaaten - der Bayerische Reichskreis [Wien, 1996] (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 173-177

Weiller, Raymond: La Circulation Monétaire et les Trouvailles Numismatiques du Moyen Age et des Temps Modernes au Pays de Luxembourg, vol.3 [1996] (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 177-180

Stephenson, Trevor H.: Peruvian Trams and Railways: An Illustrated History [London, 1995] (John M. Kleeberg) ·» 180-184

AJN 12 (2000)

Schell, James A.: Observations on the metrology of the precious metal coinage of Philip II of Macedon: the "Thraco-Macedonian" standard or the Corinthian standard? ·» 1-8

van Alfen, Peter G.: The "owls" from the 1973 Iraq hoard ·» 9-58, pl.1-8

Arslan, Melih / Özen, Ayça: A hoard of unpublished bronze coins of Ptolemy Ceraunus ·» 59-66, pl.9-11

Lorber, Catharine C.: Large Ptolemaic bronzes in third-century Egyptian hoards ·» 67-92, pl.12-17

Kritt, Brian / Hoover, Oliver D. / Houghton, Arthur: Three Seleucid notes ·» 93-112, pl.18-20

Thomas, Michael L.: An imitative unsealed semis from northern Etruria ·» 113-118, pl.20

Beckmann, Martin: The early gold coinage of Trajan’s sixth consulship ·» 119-156, pl.21-26

Woods, David: Julian, Gallienus, and the solar bull ·» 157-169

Sears, Stuart D.: An 'Abbāsid revolution hoard from the western Jazīra (al-Raqqa?) ·» 171-193, pl.26

Saryan, L.A.: An unpublished silver double tram of Gosdantin I (1298–1299), king of Cilician Armenia ·» 195-204, pl.26

Schultz, Warren C. / Gittler, Haim: A Mamluk bronze weight in the Israel Museum, with further comments on this rare metrological species ·» 205-214, pl.27-28

Kleeberg, John A.: Three notes on the private gold coinage of the United States ·» 215-237, pl.29-30

Book reviews:

Carradice, Ian: Greek coins [Austin, 1995] (rev. Carmen Arnold-Biucchi) ·» 239-247

Rutter, N.K.: The Greek coinages of southern Italy and Sicily [London 1997] (Carmen Arnold-Biucchi) ·» 239-247

Bakhoum, Soheir, ed.: Sylloge nummorum Graecorum France 4. Département des monnaies, médailles et antiques, Alexandrie I. Auguste-Trajan [1998] (William E. Metcalf) ·» 247-249

Grierson, Philip: Catalogue of the Byzantine coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection, vol. 5: Michael VIII to Constantine XI, 1258-1453 [Washington,1999] (Robert Hallman) ·» 249-254

Grierson, Philip / Travaini, Lucia: Medieval European coinage, with a catalogue of the coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 14: Italy (III) (South Italy, Sicily, Sardinia) [Cambridge, 1998] (William R. Day, Jr.) ·» 254-260

Acquisitions for 1999 in the ANS collection ·» 261-271, pl.31-34
Greek coins (Carmen Arnold-Biucchi) // Roman and Byzantine coins (William E. Metcalf) // Islamic, South Asian, and East Asian coins. (Michael L. Bates) // Medieval coins; medals and decorations // Modern, Latin American, and US coins (John M. Kleeberg)

AJN 13 (2001)

Kroll, John H.: A small find of silver bullion from Egypt ·» 1-20, pl.1

Stolyarik, Elena: Scythians in the West Pontic area: new numismatic evidence ·» 21-34, pl.2-3

Guiraud, Hélène / Schwartz, James H.: Engraved gems in the collection of the American Numismatic Society III: male deities and heroes ·» 35-62, pl.4-6

Heath, Sebastian / Yoon, David: A sixth-century tremissis from Psalmodi (Gard, France) ·» 63-80, pl.6

Fedorov, Michael: New data on the monetary circulation of medieval Uzgend: coins from the Kashka-Terek hillfort ·» 81-88

Orosz, Joel J.: Joseph J. Mickley’s diary for 1852: an annotated transcription ·» 89-108

Brzic, Aleksandar N.: Yugoslav countermarks on Austro-Hungarian gold coins ·» 109-131

Esty, Warren W. / David Spencer Smith: A die study of some silver coins of Sinkiang, China ·» 133-145, pl.7-8

Book review:

Sheedy, Kenneth / Carson, Robert / Walmsley, Alan: Pella in Jordan 1979–1990: The Coins [Sydney, 2001] (rev. Oliver D. Hoover) ·» 147-150

Acquisitions for 2000 and 2001 in the ANS collection ·» 151-212, pl.9-20
Contributors: Wartenberg, Ute / van Alfen, Peter / Stolyarik, Elena / Heath, Sebastian / Bates, Michael / Hoge, Robert W.

AJN 14 (2002)

van Alfen, Peter: The "owls" from the 1989 Syria hoard, with a review of pre-Macedonian coinage in Egypt ·» 1-57, pl.1-12

van Alfen, Peter: Two unpublished hoards and other "owls" from Egypt ·» 59-71, pl.13-17

Huth, Martin / Potts, Daniel / Hoover, Oliver D.: Two Seleucid notes ·» 73-87, pl.18-19

Daryaee, Touraj: History, epic, and numismatics: on the title of Yazdgerd I (rāmšahr) ·» 89-95

Hoge, Robert Wilson: Numismatic materials recovered from the Fort Vengeance monument site (VT-RU-216), Pittsford, Vermont ·» 97-104, pl.20

Fuld, George: Early Washington medals ·» 105-163

Brzić, Aleksandar N. / Denk, Roswitha: Some modern Serbian, Montenegrin, and Yugoslav rarities in the Coin Cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna ·» 165-178, pl.21-28

Acquisitions for 2002 in the ANS collection ·» 179-222, pl.29-42
Greek (van Alfen, Peter) // Roman and Byzantine (Stolyarik, Elena) // Roman provincial (Heath, Sebastian) // Islamic, South Asian, and East Asian (Bates, Michael) // Medieval, medals, modern, Latin American and United States (Hoge, Robert Wilson)

AJN 15 (2003)

Zournatzi, Antigoni: The Apadana coin hoards, Darius I, and the West ·» 1-28, pl.1

Hoover, Oliver D.: The Seleucid coinage of John Hyrcanus I: the transformation of a dynastic symbol in Hellenistic Judaea ·» 29-39, pl.2

Naiden, F.S.: Supplication on Roman coins ·» 41-52, pl.3

Bijovsky, Gabriela: The myth of Daphne on a coin minted at Damascus ·» 53-59, pl.4-5

Holt, Walter C.: The evidence of the coinage of Poemenius' revolt at Trier ·» 61-76, pl.6

Sears, Stuart D.: Before Caliphal coins: transitional drahms of the Umayyad North ·» 77-110, pl.7-11

Orosz, Joel J. / Herkowitz, Carl R.: George Washington and America’s "Small Beginning" in coinage: the fabled 1792 Half Dismes ·» 111-156

AJN 16/17 (2004/05)

Bubelis, William S.: An overstruck stater of the Cypriot kingdom of Salamis ·» 1-5, pl.1

van Alfen, Peter: Herodotus' "Aryandic" silver and bullion use in Persian-period Egypt ·» 7-46, pl.2-5

van Alfen, Peter: A new Athenian "owl" and bullion hoard from the Near East ·» 47-61, pl.6-13

Visonà, Paolo: Twenty-two Alexanders in Ann Arbor ·» 63-73, pl.13-16

Stolyarik, Elena: Silver coinage of the Bosporan King Spartocus: the problem of attribution ·» 75-85, pl.17-18

Witschonke, Richard B. / Amandry, Michel: Another Fimbria cistophorus ·» 87-92, pl.19

Kremydi-Sicilianou, Sophia: Multiple hoards of the second century AD from the sanctuary of Zeus Olympios at Dion (Macedonia) ·» 93-112, pl.20-23

Fedorov, Michael: New data on monetary circulation in medieval Andūkān and Sheljī: coins from the Andizhanskoe and Kirovskoe vodokhranilishche ·» 113-144, pl.24-27

Hanne, Eric J.: Death on the Tigris: a numismatic analysis of the decline of the Great Saljuqs ·» 145-172

Yoon, David: Counting tokens from the excavations at Psalmodi (Gard, France) ·» 173-184, pl.28-29

Hoover, Oliver D.: A note on the typology of the St. Patrick coinage in its Restoration context ·» 185-204, pl.30-33

Rosenmüller, Christoph: Silver merchants and assayers’ marks: the visita of 1729–1730 and the reform of the Mexican mint ·» 205-219, pl.33

Miller, Scott H.: The ANS Lincoln Memorial medal: a reexamination ·» 221-229, pl.34-37

Atallah, Pierre / Kuntz, Michael / Kuzava, Renee / Ferguson, Jennifer / Iduma, Vincent / Benvenuto, Mark: Elemental compositions of some of the Annamese coins of Emperor Thanh Thai via energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence ·» 231-257

Janick, Jules / Santini, Judith B.: Street money: distribution and analysis ·» 259-267

Acquisitions for 2003 and 2004 in the ANS Collection ·» 269-303, pl.37-48
Contributors: van Alfen, Peter / Stolyarik, Elena / Heath, Sebastian / Bates, Michael L. / Hoge, Robert W.

AJN 18 (2006)

Gitler, Haim / Lorber, Catharine: A new chronology for the Ptolemaic coins of Judah ·» 1-41, pl.1-2

Hoover, Oliver D.: A second look at the Aradian bronze coinage attributed to Seleucus I (SC 72–73) ·» 43-50, pl.3-4

Schwartz, James H.: Engraved gems in the collection of the ANS IV: Ancient magical amulets, an addendum ·» 51-61, pl.5

Heath, Sebastian: A Box Mirror made from two Antinous medallions of Smyrna ·» 63-74, pl.5-7

Harl, Kenneth W.: A hoard of Roman antoniniani from the bath at Metropolis, Ionia ·» 75-111, pl.8-21

Pyatnitsky, Yuri: New evidence for Byzantine activity in the Caucasus during the reign of the Emperor Anastasius I ·» 113-122, pl.22-26

Federov, Michael: First reported find of an early Medieval Khwarezmian drachm in the Kyrgyz Republic ·» 123-130, pl.27

Sears, Stuart D. / Malek, Hodge Mehdi: Claiming absolute authority: The drahms of 'Abd Allāh b. 'Āmir al-Mujāshi'īi of Sijistān ·» 131-140, pl.27

Doty, Richard G.: Lessons from abundance: The case of Mexico ·» 141-151

Acquisitions for 2005 in the ANS Collection ·» 153-202, pl.28-50
Contributors: van Alfen, Peter / Heath, Sebastian / Hoge, Robert W.

AJN 19 (2007)

Elayi, Alain G. / Barrandon, Jean-Noël / Elayi, Josette: The devaluation of Sidonian silver coinage in 365 BCE and the first bronze issues ·» 1-8, pl.1-3

Weir, Robert: The Stymphalos hoard of 1999 and the city’s defenses ·» 9-32, pl.4-5

Allen, Joel: The gold coinage of Trajan dated COS V ·» 33-75, pl.6-22

Beckmann, Martin: Trajan’s gold coinage, AD 112–117 ·» 77-129, pl.23-39

Fedorov, Michael: The enigma of 'Adud al-Dawla Kuch Tegīn resolved ·» 131-143

Huffstot, John S.: On the possibility that Athanagild’s name appears in the Visigoths’ coinage: Evidence from a late "Victory with Palm and Wreath" coin and Tomasini’s Corpus ·» 145-168

Hoover, Oliver D.: A note on the Liberty Reverse Type of the Connecticut Coppers (1785–1788) ·» 169-182, pl.39-43

Acquisitions for 2006 in the ANS Collection ·» 183-190, pl.43-46
Contributors: Heath, Sebastian / Meadows, Andrew / van Alfen, Peter

AJN 20 (2008)     in celebration of the 150th anniverary of the ANS.

Newell, Edward T.: Coins from the excavations at Beisan (Nysa-Scythopolis, Tel Beth Shean): 1929-1935 ·» 1-52, pl.1-11

Kim, Henry S. / Kroll, John H.: A hoard of archaic coins of Colophon and unminted silver (CH I.3) ·» 53-103, pl.12-36

Kagan, Jonathan H.: Paros, Melos and Naxos: Archaic and early classical coinages of the Cyclades ·» 105-111

Hurter, Silvia Mani: Torremuzza's SEGESTANORVM ·» 113-117, pl.37-40

Lorber, Catharine: Thessalian hoards and the coinage of Larissa ·» 119-142, pl.41-46

Gorini, Giovanni: The Die Sequence of the Silver Staters of Medma·» 143-154

Anderson, Lisa / van Alfen, Peter: A fourth century BCE hoard from the Near East ·» 155-198, pl.47-58

van Alfen, Peter: The later fourth century BCE coinage of Issos ·» 199-208, pl.59

Liampi, Katerini: NIKA, ΛEIA: Graffiti on Sicyonian and Theban staters in a new hoard from Boeotia / Beginning of 2000 ·» 209-226, pl.60-61

Psoma, Selene: Panegyris Coinages ·» 227-255, pl.62-64

Psoma, Selene: Numismatic evidence on the Ptolemaic involvement in Thrace during the second Syrian war ·» 257-263

van Alfen, Peter / Almagro-Gorbea, Martín / Ripollès, Pere Pau: A new Celtiberian hacksilber hoard, c. 200 BCE ·» 265-293, pl.65-68

Syon, Danny: The bronze coinage of Tyre: the first years of autonomy ·» 295-304, pl.69-70

Hoover, Oliver D. / Houghton, Arthur / Veselý, Petr: The silver mint of Damascus under Demetrius III and Antiochus XII ·» 305-336, pl.71-80

Kovacs, Frank L.: Tigranes IV, V, and VI: new attributions ·» 337-350, pl.81-82

Frey-Kupper, Suzanne / Stannard, Clive: "Pseudo-mints" and small change in Italy and Sicily in the Late Republic ·» 351-404, pl-83-85

Haug, Emily: Local politics in the Late Republic: Antony and Cleopatra at Patras ·» 405-420

Amandry, Michel: Le monnayage de L. Sempronius Atratinus revisité ·» 421-434, pl.86-95

Woytek, Bernhard E.: The aureus under Trajan: the metrological evidence ·» 435-457

Burnett, Andrew: The early coinage of Hadrian and the deified Trajan at Rome and Alexandria ·» 459-477, pl.96-97

Touratsoglou, Ioannis: Tarsos, Aboukir, etc.; before and after. Once again ·» 479-492, pl.98-99

Dahmen, Karsten: Alexander in gold and silver: Reassessing third-century AD medallions from Aboukir and Tarsos ·» 493-546, pl.100-110

Davis, Phillip: Hoard notes: A hoard of Dacian imitations from Sarmizegetusa Regia ·» 547-550, pl.111

Schaefer, Richard: Hoard notes: A Roman Republican silver coin hoard from Campania ·» 551-554

Cannito, Ralph A. / Fedorov, Michael: On some rare early Qarākhānid Fulūs ·» 555-578, pl.112-116

Cannito, Ralph A. / Fedorov, Michael: An unpublished AH 607 Uzjend Dirham ·» 579-583, pl.117

Kleeberg, John M.: Washington counterstamps - the Lafayette connection ·» 585-595

Walker, Alan S.: Catalogues and their collectors ·» 597-615

AJN 21 (2009)

Buxton, Richard Fernando: The northern Syria 2007 hoard of Athenian owls from the Near East: behavioral aspects ·» 1-27, pl.1-3

Gitler, Haim / Ponting, Matthew / Tal, Oren: Athenian tetradrachms from Tel Mikhal (Israel): a metallurgical perspective ·» 29-49, pl.4

Meadows, Andrew: The eras of Pamphylia and the Seleucid invasions of Asia Minor ·» 51-88, pl.5-7

Lorber, Catharine / Houghton, Arthur: Antiochus III hoard ·» 89-104, pl.8-13

Hendin, David The metrology of Judaean small bronze coins ·» 105-121

Rowan, Clare: Becoming Jupiter: Severus Alexander, the temple of Jupiter Ultor, and Jovian iconography on Roman imperial coinage ·» 123-150

Gândila, Andrei: Early Byzantine coin circulation in the eastern Provinces: A comparative statistical approach ·» 151-226

AJN 22 (2010)

Liampi, Katerini / Peristeri, Katerina: Excavation Coins from the Sanctuary of Dionysus in Kali Vryssi, Prefecture of Drame ·» 1-16, pl.1-5

Heintges, E. R.: Babylonian (?) Alexander Hoard, 1996 ·» 17-23. pl.6-9

Miller, Richard P. / Hoover, Oliver D.: The Sardes Mint under Seleucus I Nicator ·» 25-34, pl.10-17

Faucher, Thomas / Lorber, Catharine: Bronze Coinage of Ptolemaic Egypt in the Second Century BC ·» 35-80, pl.18-22

Vagi, David L.: Tiberius Claudius Drusus († AD 20), Son of Claudius and Urgulanilla ·» 81-92, pl.22

Schneider, Walter: Coin Quality, Coin Quantity, and Coin Value in Early China and Roman World ·» 93-118

Daragan, Joseph: "Old Coppers Driven out of Office." Demonetizing Non-Federal Coppers ·» 119-130

Hoge, Robert W.: Acquisitions for 2006-2008 in the American Numismatic Society Collection ·» 131-216, pl.23-59

AJN 23 (2011)

Flament, Christophe: A Note on the Laurium Stratigraphy and the Early Coins of Athens: The Work of D. Morin and A. Photiades and its Impact on the Study of Athenian Coinage ·» 1-6

Petac, Emanuel: From the Types of Alexander to Lysimachus: The Chronology of Some Mesembrian and Other West Pontic Staters ·» 7-15, pl.1-2

Houghton, Arthur: New Light on Coin Production under Seleucus II in Northern Syria, Commagene, and Mesopotamia ·» 17-34, pl.3-5

Hendin, David / Bower, Nathan: Irregular Coins of Judaea, First Century BCE-First Century CE: New Insights from Comparisons of Stylistic, Physical, and Chemical Analyses ·» 35-54, pl.6-7

de Callataÿ, François : More Than It Would Seem: The Use of Coinage by the Romans in Late Hellenistic Asia Minor (133-63 BC) ·» 55-86, pl.8-10

Bransbourg, Gilles: Fides et Pecunia Numerata. Chartalism and Metallism in the Roman World. Part 1: The Republic ·» 87-152

Woytek, Bernhard: Die Cutters At Work: New Light on the Coinage Struck for the Syrian Koinon ·» 153-168, pl.11-12

Beckmann, Martin Trajan's Gold Coinage Dated COS V, AD 103-111 ·» 169-188, pl.13-24

Fedorov, Michael: Early Medieval Chachian Coins with Lyre and Ram Horns Tamghas ·» 189-208, pl.25-26

Socias Batet, Immaculada: The Power of Images in Antonio Augustín's Diálogos de Medallas inscriciones y otras antiguidades (1587) ·» 209-228, pl.27-42

Hoge, Robert W.: Seventeenth-Century American Coins in the Hunterian Museum ·» 229-256, pl.43-45

Fagaly, Robert L.: Pricing Relationships of United States Type Coinage ·» 257-263

Reviews of:

Tselekas, P. (ed.): Coins in the Aegean Islands. Proceedings of the Fifth Scientific Meeting, Mytilene, 16-19 September 2006. (Rev. Andrew Meadows) ·» 265-277

Woytek, Bernhard: Die Reichsprägung des Kaisers Traianus. (Rev. Martin Beckmann) ·» 277-284

AJN 24 (2012)

Elayi, Alain G. / Blet-Lemarquand, Maryse / Elayi, Josette: Fluctuations in the Composition of the Silver Coinage of Byblos (Fifth-Fourth Century BC) ·» 1-10, pl.1-4

Psoma, Selene: Obols, Drachms, and Staters of Bronze during the Hellenistic Period ·» 11-19

Lorber, Catharine C.: An Egyptian Interpretation of Alexander's Elephant Headdress ·» 21-31

Lorber, Catharine C.: Dating the Portrait Coinage of Ptolemy I ·» 33-44, pl.5-7

Farhi, Yoav / Lorber, Catharine: A Note on Two Ptolemaic Bronze Coins from Israel ·» 45-51

Vîlcu, Aurel / Petac, Emanuel: The Second Syrian War and Gold Staters of Alexander Type struck at Istros ·» 53-60, pl.8

Landvatter, Thomas The Serapis and Isis Coinage of Ptolemy IV ·» 61-90, pl.9-21

Diwan, Georges Abou: Le monnayage civique non datée de Sidon: Opportunisme civique et pragmastisme royal (169/8-111/0 av. J.-C.) ·» 91-121, pl.22-29

Kiwan, Khaled: Cinq trésors romains de Syrie ·» 123-132, pl.30-33

Woytek, B. E. / Rodrigues, M. / Cappa, F. / Schreiner, M. / Radtke, M. / Reinholz, U.: Imitations of Roman Republican Denarii: New Metallurgical Data ·» 133-162, pl.34

Fedorov, Michael N. / Cannito, Ralph A. / Kuznetsov, Andrew V.: Some Rare Early Qarākhānid Coins and Early Qarākhānid Appanage Rulers ·» 163-174, pl.35-36

Reviews of:

Ariel, Donald T. / Fontanille, Jean-Philippe: The Coins of Herod. A Modern Analysis and Die Classification. (Rev. David Hendin) ·» 175-186

Markou, E.: L'Or des Rois de Chypre. Numismatique et histoire à l'époque classique. (Rev. Andrew Meadows) ·» 187-197

AJN 25 (2013)

Kagan, Jonathan: Epidamnus, Anactorium, and Potidaea: Corinthian-style Pegasi at the Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War ·» 1-9, pl.1-2

Manov, Metodi / Damyanov, Vasil: The First Mint of Cavarus, the Last King of the Celtic Kingdom in Thrace ·» 11-19

Kaye, Noah: The Silver Tetradrachms of Prousias II of Bithynia ·» 21-48, pl.4-24

Wolf, Daniel: A Metrological Survey of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins ·» 49-118

Paunov, Evgeni I.: A Roman Countermark on a Bronze Coin of Rhoemetalces I, King of Thrace ·» 119-126

Lorber, Catharine C.: The Iconographic Program of the Year 3 Coinage of Herod the Great ·» 127-169, pl.25

Walthall, D. Alex: A Hoard Containing Late Republican Denarii from Morgantina (Sicily) ·» 171-177, pl.26

Bransbourg, Gilles: Fides et Pecunia Numerata, Part II: The Currencies of the Roman Republic ·» 179-242, pl.27-31

Woods, David: Carisius, Acisculus, and the Riddle of the Sphinx ·» 243-257, pl.32

Hoyer, Daniel: Calculating the Use-Wear Rates of Roman Coins Using Regression Analysis: A Case Study of Bronze Sestertii from Imperial Gaul ·» 259-282

Elkins, Nathan T.: A Note on Late Roman Art: The Provincial Origins of Camp Gate and Baldachin Iconography on the Late Imperial Coinage ·» 283-302, pl.33-35

Averett, Matthew Knox: The Annual Medals of Pope Urban VIII Barberini ·» 303-331, pl.36-43

Caplan, Allison: "Cada uno en su bolsa llevar lo que cien indios no llevarían": Mexica Resistance and the Shape of Currency in New Spain, 1542-1552 ·» 333-356, pl.44-51

AJN 26 (2014)

Kagan, Jonathan: Notes on the Coinage of Mende ·» 1-32, pl.1-5

Markou, Evangeline / Charalambous, Andreas / Kassianidou, Vasiliki: pXRF Analysis of Cypriot Gold Coins of the Classical Period ·» 33-60, pl.6-7

Iossif, Panagiotis P.: The Last Seleucids in Phoenicia: Juggling Civic and Royal Identity ·» 61-87, pl-8-10

Thill, Elizabeth Wolfram: The Emperor in Action: Group Scenes in Trajanic Coins and Monumental Reliefs ·» 89-142, pl.11-29

Haymann, Florian : The Hadrianic Silver Coinage of Aegeae (Cilicia) ·» 143-186, pl.30-49

Nurpetlian, Jack: Damascene Tetradrachms of Caracalla ·» 187-198, pl.50-57

Calomino, Dario: Bilingual Coins of Severus Alexander in the Eastern Provinces ·» 199-222, pl.58-60

Roll-Vélez, Saúl: The Pre-reform CONCORDIA MILITVM Antoniniani of Maximianus: Their Problematic Attribution and Their Role in Diocletian's Reform of the Coinage ·» 223-243

Williams, Daniela: Digging in the Archives: A Late Roman Coin Assemblage from the Synagogue at Ancient Ostia (Italy) ·» 245-273

de Callataÿ, François: How Poor are Current Bibliometrics in the Humanities? Numismatic Literature as a Case Study ·» 275-316

Fedorov, Michael: Early Mediaeval Chachian Coins with Trident-Shaped Tamghas, and Some Others ·» 317-337

Crisà, Antonino: An Eighteenth-Century Sicilian Coin Hoard from the Termini-Cerda Railway Construction Site (Palermo, 1869) ·» 339-362

Review of:

Drost, Vicent: Le monnayage de Maxence (306-312 après J.-C.) (Rev.: David Henlin) ·» 363-386

AJN 27 (2015)

López Sánchez, Fernando / Gómez Castro, Daniel: The Gaza 1960s Hoard: An Assemblage of Archaic Greek Coins ·» 1-8, pl.1-5

Sheedy, Kenneth / Gore, Damian B. / Ponting, Matthew: The Bronze Issues of the Athenian General Timotheus: Evaluating the Evidence of Polyaenus’s Stratagemata ·» 9-28, pl.6

Lorber, Catharine C.: A Hoard of Tetradrachms of Alexander III and Philip III, November 2003 ·» 29-40, pl.7-14

Taylor, Lloyd W. H.: From Triparadeisos to Ipsos: Seleukos I Nikator’s Uncertain Mint 6A in Babylonia ·» 41-97

Carlen, Eric: The Final Phase Coinage of ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ Tetradrachms Dated According to an Uncertain Era ·» 99-140, pl.15-35

Farhi, Yoav: Cleopatra in Gaza(?): A Hitherto Unpublished Coin Type from Gaza and the First Year of Coinage in Gaza under Roman Rule ·» 141-154, pl.36-37

Harvey, Craig A.: A Possible Hoard of Judaean and Nabataean Coins from Cyprus ·» 155-177, pl-38-41

Stannard, Clive / Gentric, Gisèle / Chevillon, Jean-Albert / Ralite, Jean-Claude Richard: Coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint and of the Italo-Baetican Series from Southern France ·» 179-188, pl.42

Beckmann, Martin: The Function of the Attribute of Liberalitas and its use in the Congiarium ·» 189-198, pl.43-44

Ünal, Ceren: The "Tralleis Hoard" and the Reflection of the Iconoclastic Idea in Byzantine Coin Iconography ·» 199-205, pl.45-51

Paghava, Irakli / Janjgava, George: Revising Georgian-Sasanian Coinage: A New (Third) Type Drama of Gurgen ·» 207-217, pl.52-53

Vardanyan, Aram: Seeking Political Compromise: The Dulafid Governors of Jibāl and their Coinage ·» 219-236, pl.54-56

Kravtsov, Konstantin / Stepanova, Olga: An Ottoman Coin with the Countermarked Portrait of Carl XII from the Hermitage Collection ·» 237-244, pl.57-58

Review of:

Syon, Danny: Small Change in Hellenistic-Roman Galilee: The Evidence from Numismatic Site Finds as a Tool for Historical Reconstruction (Reviewer: David Hendin) ·» 245-258

AJN 28 (2016)

Marest-Caffey, Laure: Seleukos I’s Victory Coinage of Susa Revisited: A Die Study and Commentary ·» 1-63, pl.1-21

Schwei, David: The Reactions of Mint Workers to the Tumultuous Second Reign of Demetrius II Nicator ·» 65-104, pl-22-35

Ellis-Evans, Aneurin: The Koinon of Athena Ilias and its Coinage ·» 105-158, pl.36-46

Lockyear, Kris: The Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Database: The History, the Data, and the Potential ·» 159-184

Fedorov, Michael: Notes on the Early Medieval Numismatics of Central Asia ·» 185-200, pl.47-50

Vardanyan, Aram: The Administration of the ‘Abbāsid North and the Evidence of Copper Coins (AH 142–218 / AD 759–833) ·» 201-230

Acciarino, Damiano: Ancient Roman Colonial Coins in Renaissance Europe ·» 231-257, pl.51-60

Review of:

Grandjean, Catherine / Moustaka, Aliki: Aux origines de la monnaie fiduciaire: traditions métallurgiques et innovations numismatiques. Actes de l’atelier international des 16 et 17 novembre 2012 à Tours (Reviewer: Alain Bresson) ·» 259-271

AJN 29 (2017)

Andrade, Nathanael J.: The Silver Coinage of Syrian Manbog (Hierapolis-Bambyke) ·» 1-46, pl.1-5

Taylor, Lloyd W. H.: The Damaskos Mint of Alexander the Great ·» 47-100, pl.6-14

Walthall, D. Alex: Numismatic Material from Late Third-Century Contexts at Morgantina (Sicily) ·» 101-124

Sancinito, Jane: The Antiochene Coinage of Trajan Decius (249–251 CE) ·» 125-148, pl.15-26

Bartlett, Peter / Yoon, David / Pliego, Ruth: Weight, Fineness, and Debasement in Visigothic Tremisses from Theudis to Leovigild: New Evidence from the Hoards of Seville and Reccopolis ·» 149-212, pl.27-30

Ahmedzhanov, Anwer: Hedlinger’s Rouble ·» 213-226, pl.31-36

Wagoner, Phillip B. / Tandon, Pankaj: The Bahmani "Currency Reform" of the Early Fifteenth Century in Light of the Akola Hoard ·» 227-268

Zachary, Michael: The General Issue Ten-Cash Coins of the Republic of China: Noteworthy Examples in the ANS Collection ·» 269-276, pl.37-38

AJN 30 (2018)

Taylor, Lloyd W. H.: The Earliest Alexander III Tetradrachm Coinage of Babylon: Iconographic Development and Chronology ·» 1-43, pl.1-4

Vadan, Paul: The Posthumous Alexander Tetradrachms of Magnesia on the Maeander ·» 45-105

Hoover, Oliver D.: The Personification of Apameia ·» 107

Stannard, Clive / Chevillon, Jean-Albert / Sinner, Alejandro G.: More Coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint from France ·» 117-130, pl.28

Carbone, Lucia: The Unpublished Iberian Lead Tokens in the Richard B. Witschonke Collection at the American Numismatic Society ·» 131

Yarrow, Liv Mariah: Romulus’ Apotheosis (RRC 392) ·» 145-161, pl.31-34

Diwan, Georges Abou: Base-Metal Coinage Circulation in Byzantine Beirut, 491–641 CE ·» 163-218

Pliego, Ruth: Kings’ Names on Visigothic Bronze Coins: A New Minimus from Ispali in the Name of Leovigild ·» 219-231

David Yoon / Sara T. Levi / Annunziata Ollà / Gabriella Tigano: Medieval Coins from the Site of San Vincenzo on the Island of Stromboli, Italy ·» 233

Lyce Jankowski: History of the Chinese Collection at the American Numismatic Society ·» 251-292   online

AJN 31 (2019)

Charlotte Potts: Made in Etruria: Recontextualizing the Ramo Secco ·» 1-20

Lloyd W. H. Taylor: Birds of Feather, Brothers in Arms: The Coinage of Andragoras and Sophytes ·» 21-79, pl.6-12

Zahra Alinezhad, Arthur Houghton, and Mostafa Dehpahlavan: New Light on Uncertain Mint 65 ·» 81

Eric Carlen: The Spearhead and Monogram Coinage of Ptolemy V ·» 95-116

Dominic Machado: The Distribution and Circulation of the Victoriatus in Northern Italy ·» 117-141

Martin Beckmann: The Gold Coinage of Hadrian, AD 130-138 ·» 143

David Woods: Gallienus, Amalthea, and the Pietas Faleri ·» 187

Qi Xiaoyan: Samarqand’s Cast Coinage from the Early Seventh to the Mid-Eighth Century AD: An Assessment Based on Chinese Sources and Numismatic Evidence ·» 205

Jeremy A. Simmons: Making Sense of Nonsense: Approaches to Greco-Roman Legends on Western Kṣatrapa Coinage ·» 225

Jake Benson: Curious Colors of Currency: Security Marbling on Financial Instruments During the Long Eighteenth Century ·» 277-325

Frank Kovacs: The Medal of Honor of the Union League of Philadelphia ·» 327

AJN 32 (2020)

A. Charalambou, E. Markou, V. Kassianidou: Compositional Analysis of Sixth–Fifth Century BC Silver Coins from the Larnaca Hoard (IGCH 1272) (Cyprus) using pXRF Spectrometry ·» 1 ff

Lloyd W. H. Taylor: On the Reattribution of some Byblos Alexanders to Arados II ·» 31-92

Aneurin Ellis-Evans: The Late Hellenistic Tetradrachms of Parion and Lampsakos ·» 93-125

D. Alex Walthall / Anne E. Truetzel: New Evidence for the Introduction of the Roman Denarius System: An Unpublished Hoard of Republican Bronzes from Morgantina (Sicily) ·» 127 ff

Seth Bernard: The Imperial Victoriatus in New Inscriptions from Pompeii and London ·» 157-167

Ryan H. Wilkinson: Identifying Ancient Coins Deposited with Modern Ships’ Ballast: A Problem for Distribution Studies? ·» 169

Jack Nurpetlian: Emesan Tetradrachms of Caracalla: An Investigation of their Symbols ·» 179 ff

George Watson: Kraft in the 21st Century: A New Listing of Shared Dies in the Roman Provincial Coinage ·» 219-272

Cristian Mondello: Re-reading the So-called "Asina Tokens": Religious Diversity in Late Antiquity ·» 273-312

Irene Soto Marín: Coin Molds and a Decentralized Monetary Policy in Tetrarchic Egypt ·» 313-338

Antonino Crisà: Construction Sites, State Collections, Sixteenth-Century Spanish and Maltese Coins: The Via Maqueda Hoard in Context (Palermo, 1872) ·» 339-387

Guy Chamberland: François Declos, Barber? A Reconsideration of the F D Countermarks from Trinidad ·» 389-413

Heinz Tschachler: When the Magic Has Gone: Coin Collecting and the Senses ·» 415 ff

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