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Imperial city of Nijmegen
Nijmegen is located at the Waal in Geldern, Netherlands. It began as a Roman base (Ulpia Noviomagus) and is the oldest town of The Netherlands. It became a free city and later a member of the Hanseatic League.
The city minted since 1500. The thalers first carried the patron Saint Etienne on their reverse, in 1555 the emperor and later the imperial eagle.

Thaler, n. d. (1555).   Ø 40 mm.   Delmonte 633; Dav.8543.
"Coat of arms of the free Imperial City of Nijmegen"
crowned coat of arms of Nijmegen (double eagle with a lion as breast shield)

"Charles V, Roman emperor, ever august"     crowned bust with sceptre and sword grip
(Note the "double strike" at nose and beard, which may occur with hammer coinage.)

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