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Maria of Burgundy brought the Netherlands into the possession of Habsburg. Her grandson Charles V was born in Gent and educated in French and in the Burgundian tradition at the court of his aunt Margaret of Austria.

silver florin Carolus   "Florin Carolus d'argent", n.d.(1540-48). (1st type)
Ø 38 mm, 23 g.   Delmonte 4; van Gelder-Hoc 187-5.
In 1542 Charles V. intoduced the first heavy silver coins struck on large flans in the Netherlands.
Obv.:  CAROLVS Dei Gratia ROManorum IMPerator HISPaniar REX DVX BVRGundiae Comes Flandriae
"Charles by the grace of God Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders"
crowned bust of Charles V. with a lion's head at the shoulder and the Golden Fleece on the breast

"Give me strength against thy enemies"       shield over flowered cross
shield : Austria (band) - New-Burgundy (fleur-de-lis) - Old-Burgundy (inclined stripes) - Brabant (lion)
central shield : Flanders (lion)

The lions from Brabant and Flanders differ in their colour:
Brabant's arms = golden lion on black background
Flanders' arms = black lion on golden background

Charles's coloured coat of arms allows the identification of the Brabantian lion and the Flandrian lion.

Karolusgulden n.d. (1552-56), Nijmegen. (2nd type)  Ø 38 mm, 22,65 g.  Delm.8; v.G.H.188-5.
Obv.:   CAROLVS·Dei·Gratia·ROMAnorum·IMPerator·HISPaniar·REX·Dux·GElriae:

Real d'or, n.d. (1546-1556).     Ø 27 mm   5,3 g     Delm.97 ; Friedb.56
Obv.:   KAROLVS:DG:ROM IMP:Z:HISPA:REX   I (mintmark Antwerp)
Crowned emperor from in front with sword, orb and the Golden Fleece.

Double eagle behind arms :   Castile & León | Austria, New-Burgundy, Old-Burgundy & Brabant.

Court 1543, Antwerp.    Cu   Ø 20 mm, 1,85 g.   Witte 694; v.G.H.198-16.
Obv.:   CAROLVS·D·G·V·IMP·HISP·REX·1543   -   Bearded head with rays crown to the right.
Rev.:   In a twisted hoop the Brabant lion to the left, without legend.

Courte 1545, Antwerp.     Cu   Ø 20 mm, 1,9 g.     Witte 696; vGH 198-1.
Obv.:   CAROLVS·D·G·V·IMP·HISP·REX·1545   -   Bearded head with rays crown to the right.
Rev.:   Lion of Brabant in circle, without legend.
Double strike on the obverse at 11 h.

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